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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Character Upgrade Guide

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Character Upgrade Guide

Immortals: Fenyx Rising may not be a role-playing game, but it does come with similar features, such as the ability to upgrade the main character’s stats. Given how you need different resources to perform different upgrades, the system can feel quite confusing at the beginning of the game.

In this guide, we will take a look at everything that can be upgraded in Immortals: Fenyx Rising, the items needed for upgrading and where to find them.


In Immortals: Fenyx Rising, you can upgrade Fenyx’s Health, Stamina, Skills, Godly Powers, weapons, and gear sets. To do so, however, you will have to reach the Hall of the Gods in the Valley of Eternal Spring so you will have to complete the very first main quest and get out of the starting area.

To perform upgrades, you will need different items that are obtained in different ways.


To upgrade health, you will need Ambrosia. The nectar of the gods can be found out in the open field, but it can also be obtained by completing main quests and opening optional chests in the God Vaults. The more you upgrade the health, the more Ambrosia you will need: the final health chunks can be unlocked with nine Ambrosia.


To upgrade Stamina, you will need Zeus’ Lighting, which is way harder to obtain than Ambrosia. To gain the power of the Greek Thunder God, you will have to complete the Vaults of Tartaros scattered all over the map, and doing so involves completing puzzles of varying difficulty. Zeus’ Lighting is also offered as a reward for completing some main story quests, which may also involve a trip to a Vault of Tartaros. As for health, the more you upgrade stamina, the more Zeus’ Lighting you will need.

Skills and Godly Powers

Skills and Godly Powers are special combat and exploration skills that spice up the game quite a bit, also granting you access to areas that are normally not accessible. To learn new skills and Godly Powers and upgrade them, you will need Charon Coins, which can be obtained by completing Myth Challenges.

Myth Challenges include Odysseus Challenges, archery challenges that see you shoot Apollo’s Arrows through different hoops, Lyre Challenges, which task you with playing different melodies on a big harp found in each of the map’s areas, and Constellation Challenges, simple puzzle challenges.

The amoung of Charon Coins needed for learning and upgrading skills vary depending on the skill.

Weapons and Gear Sets

Weapons and Gear sets require Adamantine Shards to upgrade. These come in different colors – Blue, Purple, Red and Yellow, and can be obtained by cutting down bushes and destroying items lying around. Purchasing the Telekinesis Gathering skill will help you a lot in gathering these shards, as it allows you to gather all ingredients, including Adamantine Shards, in a small range while traveling on foot and on horseback.

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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Character Upgrade Guide


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