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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Best Weapons

Immortals: Fenyx Rising Best Weapons

Immortals: Fenyx Rising does not feature the same amount of gear as other modern open-world games, but it still does feature a nice variety that makes certain playstyles more viable than others. Even so, there are a few weapons that are way above the others in terms of both damage and perks: getting them as soon as you can will turn you into a powerhouse that will have no trouble saving the gods and restore the world to its former splendor.

Best Sword

The very best sword in Immortals: Fenyx Rising is the Departed Shade. The sword has a more than decent damage output even without upgrades, can be obtained fairly soon and grants a damage boost that lasts 6 seconds for every Perfect Dodge. Once upgraded, it also grants 2 Stamina Orbs for every Sword Sprint Attack, which makes setting up Skills and Godly Powers combos quite easy.

The Departed Shade is found inside a chest located to the southwest of the Hall of the Gods. The chest is easy to highlight using Far Sight from the highest point of the Hall.

Best Axe

Axes in Immortals: Fenyx Rising are great weapons to deal tons of damage and stun, and the very best among them is the Forbidden Labrys. This axe can be obtained as soon as you reach the Hall of the Gods, grants a damage boost for every Perfect Parry and increases Stun for every Axe Counter Attack, a very useful skill that you should consider picking early on if you enjoying parrying enemies.

The Forbidden Labrys can be found inside a chest located to the east of the Hall of the Gods and to the Northwest of the Observatory at Clashing Rocks. Using Far Sight from the highest point in the Observatory will help you locate this chest fairly easily.

Best Bow

The bow is far from being the best weapon type in Immortals: Fenyx Rising, due to its low damage output, but it is one of the most reliable ways of dealing with flying enemies until certain skills have been unlocked. The best bow in all of the game is Resistance, a weapon that increases stun damage of the Charged Shot and has a chance of freezing enemies with a headshot once upgraded.

The Resistance is very simple to pick up if you have gone after the Departed Shade. It’s in a chest very close by, directly south of the Hall of the Gods.

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Immortals: Fenyx Rising Best Weapons


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