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Immortals Fenyx Rising Gear Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising Gear Guide

Immortals Fenyx Rising may not be a role-playing game in the traditional sense, but it still offers tons of different customization options that can make a difference during combat and exploration. While skills and Godly Powers make the most difference, especially in combat, you should not discount the many armor and helmets you can find in your journey: some of the perks they grant are extremely useful in a variety of situations.

So, how does gear actually work in Immortals Fenyx Rising? Let us find out: the gods cannot wait much longer for you to become the hero ancient Greece needs!

Gear Overview

The Immortals Fenyx Rising gear sysytem is relatively straightforward: you can equip helmets and armors on Fenyx to increase his or her defense and get access to a variety of different perks. You are not forced to equip items belonging to the same set, so you can mix and match items to unlock the perks that better suit your play style: if you’re an extremely aggressive player who likes to unleash multiple skills, you’d better focus on Stamina related perks; if you’re a more methodical player that likes to stun enemies, possible with well-timed parries, perks that increase damage on stunned enemies are more your thing. Possibilities are rather vast, so do not be afraid to experiment.

Gear Upgrades

All helmets and armors in the game can be upgraded with the right amount of blue Adamantine Shards. Upgrades can only be completed at the Hall of the Gods, so make sure to upgrade your gear before setting out to complete main quests or explore Vaults of Tartaros.

While collecting Adamantine Shards can be quite time consuming, also considering the the blue shards are used to upgrade weapons as well, the game made it easier to upgrade all of your armor and helmets by introducing a system that upgrades the whole set, and not just the single item. This makes it much easier to experiment with new setups.

Upon upgrade, not only the items’ efficacy will improve, but you will also unlock new, and more useful perks.

Best Starting Gear

As mentioned above, there isn’t an absolute best gear setup you can use, simply because it depends on how you play the game. There is, however, a very good set that you can get fairly early in the game and that is extremely useful: the Valor of the Soldier set.

The Valor of the Soldier set comes with some Stamina-oriented perks that make it a great choice for the beginning of the game when you have low max Stamina. The Valor of the Soldier Helm can be found at the top of the Observatory: to get access to the chest containing the helm, you will have to step on a pressure pad to light a brazier, and then shoot a Guided Arrow through the fire to lit another brazier nearby. The Valor of the Soldier Breastplate is located nearby, inside a chest that can be found close to the second brazier that has to be lit to obtain the helm.

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Gear Guide


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