Illusion Connect Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

In today’s article, I am going to give you a complete Illusion Connect guide and share some of the best tips and tricks to help you throughout the game in various ways.

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Since there are quite a few things to keep in mind when playing, I’ve created a few articles dedicated to specific tasks to help you better. I’ve put the link to each one where necessary, so you can follow them anytime you need to.

But enough with the introductions – you’re here to check out our complete Illusion Connect strategy guide, so let’s dive right in!

Start Saving Diamonds ASAP!

Once you start playing, you will want to keep your Diamonds, especially if you’re a f2p player. You can do the beginner gacha, that will reward you with your very first SSR unit. Afterwards, you can just save the Diamonds and try to progress as much as you can with the units that you got.

The very first banners you’ll have access to are Confused Heart and Noble Knight, which can give you decent units. They are good, but you might want to consider saving some Diamonds and Summon Tickets for the next banners, which have a chance to give you a powerful AoE unit, Yuffie. I’ve compiled a complete banner schedule, so make sure you check it out to learn more about summoning.

Join a Guild, and don’t be afraid to change Guild once you’re stronger

As you level up, you’ll be able to join a guild once you’re level 16 (correct me if I’m wrong, it’s been a while) or to create your own.

I suggest that you join one at the start until you become stronger. When you’ve reached about 50k CP or more, you could look for a stronger guild, if the one you’re in is not that active. The main point of joining a guild is to be able to contribute (donate) and gain access to the Guild Summon, which rewards you with SSR unit Nicola after 100 summons.

If you’re a very active player, on a fairly active server, you could create your own guild, and try to recruit some people. However, if you don’t want to bother with that, you should just join one.

Another great benefit of being in a guild is the Guild Boss, which all players get to partake in. You can obtain SSR equipment from them, Gold, Diamonds, and even 60 SSR unit shards if you’re REALLY lucky.

Stick to your main party & don’t waste resources

At the very start, you might not realize it, but your resources will run out faster than you think. I suggest that you stick with the first strong team that you make, and really focus on those heroes. Depending on what heroes you pulled, you should try to invest into the SSR units’ level and equipment.

If you’re not sure what heroes to pull, take a look at our reroll guide, where we shared everything that you need to know about starting off with the right foot.

If you follow that, you should get Miyuki, Yuffie, Selena, Kiraya or Fenebeth. These are some powerful SSR heroes that will be useful all throughout the game (that means until you’re max level).

Level up Muscipula every chance you get

Muscipula, or the house, is extremely important for generating passive resources. It will let you increase the maximum Energy of the party (so you don’t get penalty for being over the limit), it will let you collect more EXP Potions, Gold and Crystals.

We’ve got a complete Muscipula guide, so check that one out for some in-depth information about it. But long story short, you want to level them up in this order:

  1. Tree of Eternity
  2. Double Bed (until it’s level 6 that allows you to deploy all 10 units)
  3. Books (at the start, their max level is 6)
  4. Single Deck Chair
  5. Dessert Cart
  6. Frame Light

Also, don’t forget to place the right partners inside for added rewards. You’ll find more about that in the Muscipula guide I linked.

Try to save Diamonds, Summon Tickets, and Selected Tickets

This is coming from somebody who is one step away from max level, and has been through some pretty difficult stages in the game because there was no such guide at the time, so I’ll let you know what I would do if I were to start over.

If you can save Diamonds and tickets, try to do so all of the time. There are many “tempting” units in the Selected Banners and Rate Up banners, but you won’t really need all of them. Of course, unless you’re extremely lucky and hit the best units from them.

So, what I really suggest you do, is save Diamonds, Selected Tickets and Summon Tickets until you have access to the banners that give you Kasumi. You could pull the Rate Up Yuffie banners afterwards, which will give you a chance to get Kasumi as well.

The reasoning behind this is because Yuffie is one of the best AoE units, and Kasumi is one of the best Attackers. Kasumi can stead enemy’s buffs (invulnerable, shields, etc) and apply them to herself, and she does AoE in a line.

Overall, you can pretty much make do with the units you get in the beginning, so try to save up everything you can until you know what units you want on your team (and if you want a Sorcerer team, Attack team, Summon team, etc)

If you can, buy Phoebe

Phoebe is extremely good, because she can give Invincible to three random allies and can do AoE damage. She costs $1, so it’s not exactly the best approach for a f2p player, but if you got the means to get her, do it.

You can upgrade her (slow and steady) through Arcana (Illusion Corridor), get her from summons (after you purchase her once) and if you’re really lucky you could even pull her from the Guild bosses every 5 levels.

Upgrade and Link your leader every 5 levels

Your leader will have additional attributes that you’ll unlock as your account levels up. I suggest that you save up the Crystals as much as you can, because they’re going to run out like crazy once you hit level 40+.

To upgrade your leader you’ll need a lot of them, so I suggest that you start slowly and every 5 levels you invest them into the Leader skills and Link them.

Redeem the codes!

Codes are amazing because they will give you super useful rewards all of the time. The game has quite a lot of codes that you can redeem, so make sure you do so ASAP. You should bookmark our codes list and check back often because I update it every time a new code appears.

Collect all the partners at least once

If you can, you should try to collect all the partners at least once (3 stars). They will be added to the Album, which will give you much more than just a couple of rewards. Check this out:

– For the first time you add a new partner to the Album, you can collect 80 Diamonds (R), 100 Diamonds (SR), or 150 Diamonds (SSR)
– For increasing their Intimacy value, you gain permanent passive Leader stats (ATK, DEF, HP, SPD)
– You can level them up, increase intimacy, and claim faction rewards
– In the Album -> Legendary you will unlock collection passive stats, which also grant you additional stats (whenever the partners reach certain stars)

Furthermore, you should check out our dating guide where you’ll learn all about dating partners!

Do all of your daily quests

The daily quests won’t take you a long time to complete, and when you do all of them, you’ll collect a Selected Ticket (along other amazing rewards). Make sure you do them every day, because they’ll come in handy when you want to summon something in a selected banner.

Use Diamonds for refills

You will be able to refill your Stamina 5 times a day by using Diamonds. You should do this, because it will come in handy quite a bit (especially later on). But, something that you won’t hear a lot, is that you can (and should) use Diamonds to refill resources ONCE YOUR ACCOUNT IS LEVEL 45+. In the early game, you don’t want to do this.

Also, in the early game you don’t want to use your resource cards. Later on they will be worth a lot more, so keep them until your account is level 50+.

It will cost 50 Diamonds per refill for the resources first two times, (100 after, and then 150) and every day, after your account hits level 45+, you should do it twice (that means 100 Diamonds). It’s especially useful if you do it for the Crystals, because it will pay off in the end.

Add 100 Friends

Having 100 friends in your friends list is very important, because you can send and receive Stamina from them every single day. Daily you can get a maximum of 90 Stamina, so make sure that you claim it and send your friends some too, because it’s going to make a big difference later on (trust me on this). You can never have too much Stamina!

If you want to make friends easier, feel free to leave your server and account name or ID down in the comments below, in a similar format:

Server: EU3-Rikia
Name: kat (513125)

You can add me if you like, I’m active every day!

Complete Nightmare Lab once to learn basic positioning and mechanics

Nightmare Lab is super easy, and it’s practically an extended tutorial that rewards you with some unit Shards. Try to do them, because you’ll learn some useful tricks about the game and how to position your units better.

I’m creating, updating, and sharing guides about Illusion Connect regularly, so make sure you check them out if you want to learn more in-depth stuff about the game!

Thus being said, leave a comment down below if you have any questions, or you’d like me to cover something in particular, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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