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Illusion Connect Reroll Guide

Illusion Connect Reroll Guide
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When you’re about to begin playing Illusion Connect, you want to make sure you’re starting off with some good units. Starting with a lineup of at least 1 SSR is something that will help you quite a lot, and therefore I bring to you the Illusion Connect reroll guide!

This reroll guide will teach you how to quickly reroll your account and obtain some very good units from the get-go. Here’s how you do it:

1. The Slow Reroll

Start With a Guest Account

When you’re just getting started, the game will ask you to bind your account to your Google or Facebook profile or to simply log in as a Guest. Choose that option, because it will let you reroll as many times as you want.

The great part about playing with a Guest account is that you can delete it anytime if you don’t get the units you want, or bind it to your Google or Facebook profile if you get some great units.

Next Up: Go with the given name

There is no need to spend time choosing a name – go with the randomly generated one because you can change it later on.

Select “I’m a Tactical Player”

You can choose between “I’m a Newbie” or “I’m a Tactical Player” – Choose the latter, because it will save you a lot of time. In short, it will help you skip through a lot of the tutorials that you get at the beginning (the ones which point you at each part of the interface and gives you a short explanation on what it does).

– Next Up: Begin Stage 1 and skip through the dialogues

Play the levels as they come – it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. You want to complete the entire Stage 1 story (1.1, 1.2, and so on), and get to the point where you unlock Muscipula.

– Next Up: Complete the Muscipula tutorials as fast as possible

The game will play a cinematic that shows you the Muscipula house, as well as a few other elements. Play through them as fast as you can, up to the point where you can exit that part back into the main game interface.

Claim Your In-Game Mail

When you’re able to claim your in-game mail, you’re one step closer to getting the summons you want. From the mail, you’ll be able to claim 10 Summon Tickets, which allow you to do your very first summons. But, you don’t want to summon right away!

– Next Up: Don’t Summon right away! – Click Return to go back to the main interface.

After you unlock the Summon function, head back to the main interface and open your in-game mail once again. Claim the remaining rewards, and head on to the Perks tab.

Claim the 400 Diamonds from the daily sign in, and tap on the option that asks you to follow the game’s Facebook page. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to do anything – just tap on it, close it, and head back into the main interface. You’ll receive an additional 200 Diamonds.

Then, head on to the Quests tab (in the bottom left side of the screen) and claim all of the quest rewards. You should be able to get an additional 60 Diamonds.

Finally, head on to the Shop -> Regular Supplies -> claim the Free Daily Supplies (20 Diamonds, 2 Broken Destiny Prism), Free Weekly Supplies (60 Diamonds, 10 Broken Destiny Prism), and Monthly Aid Pack (60 Diamonds, 10 Broken Destiny Prism).

Summon 26 Times or Summon 30 Times

Up to this point you should have 20 Summon Tickets and 1230 Diamonds. You can exchange 1200 of the Diamonds into 6 Summon Tickets and have a total of 26 summons, or you can play for a little while longer to collect some more Diamonds and summon 30 times.

This is entirely up to you, and how much time you want to spend on each reroll.

– Additional Summons: You can redeem coupon codes which grant Summon Tickets

If you want to boost the amount of summons you do with each reroll, you can redeem some coupon codes which grant you Summon Tickets. Check out all the Illusion Connect codes right here! All you have to do is check which codes grant Summon Tickets (don’t bother with the other codes for now).

Go Summon!

Once you got all the coupon codes, you can go ahead and do the summons. Start with the newbie gacha, then move on to the other ones. I recommend doing the Noble Knight afterwards, and try to obtain Miyuki. Otherwise, go for Confused Heart and try to obtain Fenebeth.

– Try to get at least 2 good SSR units – the SR ones are bonus if you get them.

SSR Units to keep:

– Miyuki
– Yuffie
– Anna
– Nicola
– Maki
– Kiraya

SR Units to keep:

– Diamond
– Rikia
– Pan
– Optional: Annie

Illusion Connect – How to Reroll

If you are not happy with the units you received, you can start rerolling. Basically, with a reroll, you will start the entire process all over again in order to try and obtain better units. To reroll, you simply tap on your avatar icon in the top left corner of the screen.

That will pop up a new screen which shows you some details about your account. Among the options that you see there, you want to tap on Account.

In this option, you will see several options that are available for your account. If you want to reroll, you want to select a New Guest Account.

It will allow you to create a new account and reset the progress you have on your current one. Select this option and proceed to start over with the summons!

2. The Fast Reroll

This reroll follows the same principles as the slow reroll, but it’s a lot quicker. You can basically do it in about a minute (or less?) but will let you summon only 10 times.

The steps are as follows:

– Create a Guest Account, and start with “I’m a Tactical Player“.

– Start the first stage of the game (1.1) and tap on “Skip” when the cinematic/cutscene appears.

Minimize the game (press the Home button on your device or tab out of the game in any other way) – doing this will put the game in Pause mode.

Open the game once more and in the window that pops up tap on “Leave“.

Open your in-game mail and collect the 10 Summon Tickets.

– Tap on the Summon option and do the 10 newbie summons.

– If you like the result, keep the account – otherwise, proceed with the steps I wrote above on Illusion Connect – How to Reroll.

That’s about it for the Illusion Connect reroll guide. How well did your first summons go? Did you have to reroll your account a lot? Let me know down in the comments below! Also, if you have any questions regarding the game, feel free to ask me anything!

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Illusion Connect Reroll Guide


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