Illusion Connect: How to Date | Tips and Cheats

If you want to learn how to date in Illusion Connect, you came to the right place. In today’s article, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about dating, how to get more intimacy with the partners, and what the correct answers are when on a date.

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At the moment, not all the partners are available for dating. Most of them are still locked, but since the game’s fairly new, that makes sense. Until other potential dates will unlock, make sure you level up intimacy with the partners and reach at least level 4 with each of them, because that’s when Dating is unlocked.

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Illusion Connect – How to date

Dating a partner is a simple and extremely fun activity, that gives you up to 60 intimacy with that partner. In order to date, you have to first reach level 4 intimacy with said partner. If you don’t how to increase intimacy yet, you can check that out in a future article [stay tuned!].

But if you already reached level 4 intimacy, you can begin dating by opening the Album.

Then, you head on to the partner who you want to date. You can only date 3 times a day, and each time it has to be a different partner (you can’t date the same one over and over again). Also, keep in mind that not all partners are available for dating just yet, only the following:

*Click on each one to learn the best date answers.*













Tap on the partner’s “Date” button, and then on “Confirm date” to begin dating. Once you did that, you’ll be prompted to one of three possible date locations. The outcome of the date (and the amount of Intimacy you receive) depends on the answers you give. So, make sure you follow the Illusion Connect dating guide below to help you get the right answers!

Future dating partners [will be updated once they’re released]:

Ann, Anna, Annie, Angela, Astaroth, Beatrice, Chiyo, Diana, Flora, Gigi, Hersey, Mad Hatter, Rikia, Selena, Vivian, Yuffie, and Yume.

Dating Sayathe best answers

Instance 1 – Sports Day:

Answer 2: “At your service, my “Class Prefect”.
Answer 1: “Nina can definitely do it.
Answer 1: “Saya, you can give it a try.
Answer 1: “Since you and Nina are already in, leave this to me!
Answer 1: “Leave it to me then. I don’t want to make it difficult for Class Prefect.

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Strange Mission:

Answer 2: “Saya, come with me.
Answer 1: “They seem to be performing some kind of ritual?
Answer 2: “Stop. Let’s find out what they’re doing first.
Answer 2: “This… is a heart?
Answer 1: “Does it mean something special?

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Amusement Park:

Answer 2: “But we’re here! Let’s just enjoy it!
Answer 2: “No need to go easy on me, Saya. You’re wonderful just the way you are.
Answer 1: “Go on the roller coaster?
Answer 1: “I think the Ferris wheel over there looks good!”
Answer 2: “As long as we stay strong, I’m sure we can do it.” / Answer 1 works too because the quest seems to be bugged and doesn’t give 60 Intimacy no matter what you choosee.

Total: +48 Intimacy

Dating Victoria the best answers

Instance 1 – Victoria’s Worries:

Answer 2: “You’re really a helper type…
Answer 1: “We can try to guide her on the right path…
Answer 1: “Yes. I too want to know what she’s been burdened with…
Answer 1: “What about you, Victoria?
Answer 1: “You can try to think of yourself more…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Training:

Answer 2: “…I knew this was going to happen…
Answer 2: “I think I feel much refreshed.
Answer 1: “Be gentle, Victoria.
Answer 2: “Are we going to start skill training?
Answer 1: “Let’s talk about you, when did you aspire…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Victoria’s Room:

Answer 2: “I’m dying from anticipation…
Answer 2: “The princess becoming queen…
Answer 1: “What do you want to protect..?
Answer 1: “It’s impressive that you think this way…
Answer 1: “I’d be happy to protect all of you…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Nina the best answers

Instance 1 – Study:

Answer 2: “If you fail this exam…
Answer 1: “…looks like…
Answer 2: “Nina, I’d like to hear your reasoning…
Answer 2: “Your reasoning is very sound…
Answer 1: “In a sense, it’s perfect score…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Getting Nina to bed early:

Answer 2: “…Nina?
Answer 2: “But it’s better if you had at least a little light. Playing in the dark is bad for your eyes.
Answer 1: “Alright, alright. We can play one game, and then it’s time for bed.
Answer 1: “Red.
Answer 1: “A Bustling city.

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Amusement Park:

Answer 2: “Nina you… come to the Amusement Park often?
Answer 2: “Nina… give… give me your hand…
Answer 1: “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Answer 1: “Nina! Sit down… don’t stand on your horse!”
Answer 1: “The Ferris Wheel is about to close…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Alice the best answers

Instance 1 – Welcome to Alice’s Amusement Park:

Answer 2: “You do have a craving for sweet food.
Answer 2: “Yeah… but ice cream will have melted when we reach there...”
Answer 1: “Cough… ice cream is for kids…
Answer 2: “Oh my… I’m dazed by happiness!
Answer 1: “He looks a bit weird…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Alice in the Park:

Answer 2: “Where were you hiding?
Answer 1: “What if those are their secrets?
Answer 2: “Have a guess!
Answer 1: “How did you know?
Answer 2: “What about my secret?

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – A table full of sweets:

Answer 2: “Of course, it is!
Answer 1: “I prefer to watch you enjoying sweet foods.”
Answer 2: “But I prefer to hang out with you alone...”
Answer 1: “What about me telling you some stories...”
Answer 1: “Sure! Pinky swear!

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Jasmine the best answers

Instance 1 – Welcome to Muscipula:

Answer 2: “Jasmine! Wake up! what strange fantasy is this?
Answer 2: “Isn’t it romantic to finish work and go on a date?...”
Answer 1: “You don’t have to apologize for that!
Answer 2: “Isn’t it strange to give roses to a guy?
Answer 2: “I thought some strange magazine and special topics…”

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Watching the ocean:

Answer 1: “Since we’re here, let’s have a good time!
Answer 2: “I’ll answer based on my mood.”
Answer 1: “The ocean!
Answer 1: “Do you appreciate my ‘imagination’?
Answer 1: “Sure, no problem.”

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Dreamland Amusement Park:

Answer 2: “Do you feel happy seeing the real park?
Answer 1: “So.. would you like to experience true joy together?
Answer 1: “Ferris wheel!
Answer 1: “Ice cream!
Answer 1: “Of course!

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Miyuki the best answers

Instance 1 – Commoners Day in the city:

Answer 2: “I’m not exactly glad…
Answer 2: “Watch the lives of rich people.”
Answer 2: “Let’s go places that have the aura of a dream world.”
Answer 1: “Go to popular spots?
Answer 1: “It’s just… another day…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Commoners Day in the park:

Answer 2: “The distance between us doesn’t seem too far apart.”
Answer 1: “This is a good opportunity to complain about friends and supervisors.”
Answer 1: “Actually, love is not pure…
Answer 2: “We’re blossoming into a relationship, aren’t we?
Answer 1: “Compared to what you have, all I can give is myself.”

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Visit to Muscipula:

Answer 2: “Then what do you usually do here?
Answer 1: “Miss Anna does have a talent for attracting attention.”
Answer 2: “No matter what the situation is, it’s always best to…
Answer 2: (Sway to the music)
Answer 2: “This special event was your doing?

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Hotaru the best answers

Instance 1 – Hometown:

Answer 2: “Sure, you’re the boss today!
Answer 2: “It sounds like a mystery…
Answer 2: “Wow, what’s this contraption?
Answer 1: “Can you go a bit slower, Hotaru?
Answer 1: “What?! Am I going to meet your parents already?

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Looking for Leader:

Answer 1: “Did we read each other’s minds?
Answer 2: “I’d want to know too.”
Answer 1: “When will my next relationship begin?
Answer 2: “You.
Answer 2: “Just for reference. After all, we must respect the gods...

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Divination:

Answer 2: “No problem, I’ll handle it!
Answer 2: “In my heart, Hotaru is the best.”
Answer 1: “Hotaru, you’re really… persistent
Answer 1: “Can Hotaru always be liked by everyone?
Answer 1: “Okay, okay. Hotaru, why do you care what others think?

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Phoebe the best answers

Instance 1 – Office:

Answer 2: “Why did you choose Eileen’s Detective Agency?
Answer 2: “Why do you think it’s going to work?
Answer 2: “Maybe that’s what it means to be a friend of fate…
Answer 1: “Approving others doesn’t mean you’re losing yourself.”
Answer 2: “Do you have a new plan then?

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Park:

Answer 1: “It’s just a normal outing to learn more about each other.”
Answer 1: “A whole new battle?
Answer 1: “Learn about the person’s interest?
Answer 2: (Hold her hand) “Did you predict this too?”
Answer 2: Smile in silence.

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Real-time record:

Answer 1: “You’re willing to take on other people’s suggestions?
Answer 1: “So did you talk to Charlotte about that last time?
Answer 2: “One day we will solve the mystery of the Dream World.
Answer 1: “Oh, right, we have a topic.
Answer 1: “I’ve discovered that…. do you hold some special feeling…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Maki the best answers

Instance 1 – First date:

Answer 1: “It’s great here. I really like it.
Answer 1: “Well, we’re combat partners, so I’d like to know more about you!
Answer 2: “If you want to know more you’ll have to find out for yourself.
Answer 2: “Yeah… I know how you feel.”
Answer 2: “Thank you for your kindness.

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Amusement Park:

Answer 2: “We can relax here and enjoy the rest of the day…
Answer 1: “I made a special plan. I hope you like it.”
Answer 2: “You can’t judge people from their outward appearance alone.
Answer 1: “Sure, you can protect others, but you should also safeguard the desires within your heart!
Answer 2: “Let’s get a balloon from that clown over there.

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Maki’s Invitation:

Answer 2: “Today? When?
Answer 2: “Do I need to wear a bathrobe? Then I’ll need to...
Answer 2: “I thought you were just inviting me.”
Answer 2: “Under your leadership, I believe that day will come…”
Answer 2: “Then its a deal!”

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Kasumi the best answers

Instance 1 – Late for date:

Answer 2: “The sakura here is beautiful…
Answer 2: (Keep the box closed) “I would rather have you tell...
Answer 1: “What about ‘Cherry rain’?
Answer 2: “Each swordsmith has their own style...”
Answer 2: “Sword forged by Kasumi. I love it!

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Amusement Park:

Answer 2: “Does Kasumi enjoy this place?
Answer 2: “How about some mini-games first?
Answer 2: “The Merry-go-round.”
Answer 2: “It’s important to protect yourself too...”
Answer 2: “I’m really happy to see my partner finally resolving...

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Getting to know Kasumi:

Answer 2: “Good morning, Kasumi...”
Answer 1: “Okay, but you can relax a little, it’s not that serious.
Answer 1: “I’m getting nervous too… So, training and strolling…
Answer 1: “Everyone’s dreams are important. I hope to help you…
Answer 1: “I think so too. It’s great to have met you.”

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Flora the best answers

Instance 1 – First time with Leader:

Answer 1: “Making a bunch of bubbles with bubblator...
Answer 1: “There are many more wonderful things waiting…
Answer 1: “I’m already moving towards my wish. You’re helping…
Answer 1: “Then start now and do what you wish to do!
Answer 1: “My princess doesn’t need my rescue. She already walked...

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Shopping:

Answer 1: “Hey, did you wait for long?
Answer 2: “No, no, I just hope I can pick out something you like.”
Answer 2: “Just put what you like, there is no need to check with others.”
Answer 1: “Let’s try this shop for young girls!”
Answer 1: “Flora has a massive amount of stamina when it comes to…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Victoria’s Room:

Answer 2: “I’m dying from anticipation…
Answer 2: “The princess becoming queen…
Answer 1: “What do you want to protect..?
Answer 1: “It’s impressive that you think this way…
Answer 1: “I’d be happy to protect all of you…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Dating Fenebeth the best answers

Instance 1 – Amusement Park:

Answer 2: “Why are there commoners in this dream?
Answer 2: “That’s way too subjective. How do I know what counts as…
Answer 2: “Is the ‘half of all life’ randomly picked, or I can decide their...
Answer 1: “I don’t intend to play the game. Just buying some time...”
Answer 1: “Games are fun only when you play with friends…

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 2 – Destroying the World:

Answer 2: (Pretend you are passing by)
Answer 2: “I don’t think it’s a funny game.
Answer 2: (Choke on saliva)
Answer 2: “Their resolution to fight against fate is beyond imagination, too.”
Answer 1: “SEED will spot you before anything can happen.

Total: +60 Intimacy

Instance 3 – Reality and Dream:

Answer 1: “You’re probably the only one.
Answer 2: “What about misfortune itself? Can it be killed?”
Answer 2: “No, thanks.”
Answer 2: “To prevent it from happening is what we are fighting for.
Answer 2: “I won’t turn a hair even in the hunted house…

Total: +60 Intimacy

These are all the partners we can currently date in Illusion Connect! I’ll update you as soon as new dates become available – in the meantime, let me know which one is your favorite! I have to admit Maki and Flora are some of the best dates for me…

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