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Collapse of Dreams is the latest-running event in Illusion Connect, and today we’re going to take an in-depth look at everything that you need to know about it, as well as the newly-released units Astaroth, Lunar and Seeger. And since we’re here, let’s also talk a little bit about the new Anna Skin which is absolutely AMAZING!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the Illusion Connect Collapse of Dreams Event guide!

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Event description
Event items
Units’ bonus
Event quests explained
Rewards and what to prioritize
Others (Anna Skin, mentions)

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Illusion Connect Collapse of Dreams Event Period: 1st of March 2021 – 12th March 2021

Collapse of Dreams Event description:

Basic mechanics:

In this event, players will have to complete the event stages, and collect the event items (Original Sin) in order to claim various rewards. The event is split in two stages: Uroboros and Moment of Darkness (available starting with 9th of March).

You will use Memory Shards (event Stamina) to fight in the stages and raid them afterwards.

In short, this event is quite similar to the previous one, but the story is worlds apart. In this event we finally learn what happened with Uroboros, Rotania, and we see the back story behind the Anna’s corruption – as it’s also very vividly illustrated by the skin.

Event items explained:

In this event, there are just 2 items, so it’s easy to keep track of them. This is what they mean and how to use them:

– Original Sin (you will use them to claim rewards in the Event Redeem Page)
– Memory Shards (the equivalent of Stamina for the event, used for clearing event stages)

How to get Original Sin:

Original Sins are the main items used for claiming rewards. You need to collect plenty of them to claim the rewards in the event redeem page.

Event redeem page: Perks -> Moonlight Night or Event button -> Redeem

– You can get Original Sin by clearing all the event stages
– You can get Original Sin from the event Daily Quests
– You can get Original Sin from the event Achievements
– You can get additional Original Sin by deploying the event-specific units in the event stages.

How to get Memory Shards:

Memory Shards work in the same way as pretty much every other event-bound Stamina item does. You can obtain them over time, or by completing daily tasks that would use Stamina.

– You can get 1 Music Festival Ticket every 9 minutes
– You can get Memory Shards by completing Exploration
– You can get Memory Shards by completing Daily Trials
– You can get Memory Shards from the Normal Dream stages and Collapsed Dream stages

Illusion Connect Collapse of Dreams event stages bonus

The stages during this event are easy, and all the units you will use have Equal CP (they are all the same level, except for the star grade and items). So, feel free to use any team combo that you feel confident with.

Additionally, like in every other event, there are 2 units that you can use for additional benefits. When you use these units you will receive additional event items, depending on the star level of the units. Here are the bonuses you get by using them:

  • Seeger: Seeger’s DMG Rate will be increased by 100%, deploying Seeger grants more Original Sin rewards (not the first clear rewards, but the following clear rewards)
  • Lunar: Lunar’s DMG Rate will be increased by 100%, deploying Lunar grants all allies increased DMG Rate and DMG Res Rate.

Bonus per star level:

  • Seeger: 5% at 3*, 15% at 4*, 25% at 5* and 35* at 6*. (more Original Sin)
  • Lunar: 20% at 3*, 40% at 4*, 60% at 5* and 80% at 6*. (more DMG and DMG Res Rate for all units)

If you’re not completely sure what these stats mean, make sure you check out our stats guide, where I’ve explained each and every one of them.

The main goal is to complete the Normal Dream event stages and then move on to the Collapsed Dream event stages for better rewards.

Illusion Connect Collapse of Dreams event quests explained

You will have a total of 6 Daily quests and 15 Achievements, which give you decent rewards. From the daily quests, you’ll be able to claim a total of 600 Original Sin, 40k Gold, 20k Crystals, 2 Random Common Gifts, 1 Random Rare Gift, and 4 Nightmare Bottles M.

From the Achievements, you’ll be able to claim a total of 550 Diamonds, 1900 Original Sin, and 4 SSR Gear. To claim all the achievements you’ll need to log in for 12 days in total (which means every single day the event is running) and collect 25000 Original Sin in total.

Event Rewards and how to claim them:

The rewards should be pretty easy to understand (how to claim and how to get the items for them), but if you’re not sure what to go for, I’ll explain everything:

– Armor Inscription of Bright Moon: Costs 8000 Original Sin
Selected Tickets: Costs 800 Original Sin per (10x, for a total of 8000 Original Sin)
Summon Tickets: Costs 350 Original Sin per (10x, for a total of 3500 Original Sin)
– Nightmare Hunter SSR gear: Costs 5000 Original Sin
– Bloody Shirt SSR gear: Costs 4000 Original Sin
– Advance Crystal – Tangerine: Costs 3000 Original Sin
– Universal Shards: Costs 300 Original Sin per (20x, for a total of 6000 Original Sin) – they can be used instead of any character shard except Nina, Victoria and Saya
– Lost Mirror: Costs 300 Original Sin per (20x, for a total of 6000 Original Sin)
– Gold Partner Stones: Costs 200 Original Sin per (60x, for a total of 12000 Original Sin)
– Broken Destiny Prism: Costs 200 Original Sin per (20x, for a total of 6000 Original Sin)
– Gold: Costs 20 Original Sin per (500x, for a total of 10000 Original Sin)
– Crystals: Costs 20 Original Sin per (500x, for a total of 10000 Original Sin)
– Nightmare Bottle L: Costs 20 Original Sin per (500x, for a total of 10000 Original Sin)

Which items to redeem first?

If you want to make the most out of these, I’d recommend you get the following:

  1. Collect 8000 Original Sin to get the Selected Tickets.
  2. Collect 6000 Original Sin for the Lost Mirrors.
  3. Collect 8000 Original Sin for the Armor Inscription of Bright Moon. (this is not higher up in the list because with all the new Awakenings you will need a ton of Gold and dust to upgrade the units, and chances are you won’t have the items to upgrade it to more than 3* – max 4* anyway)
  4. Collect 6000 Original Sin for the Universal Shards.
  5. Collect 3500 Original Sin to get the Summon Tickets.
  6. Collect 12000 Original Sin to get the Gold Partner Stones (which give you an SSR partner).
  7. Collect 6000 Original Sin for the Broken Destiny Prism.
  8. Spend all the remaining Original Sin on whatever else you might need – Crystals, then Gold, and then Nightmare Bottle L, as well as the gear and Tangerine crystal.

Other things worth mentioning:

Since the entire story has not yet been revealed (we will get the Uroboros Collapsed stages in a few days, on 4th), we don’t really know how the new Anna skin will look in-game. However, we do see a glimpse of its splash art in the daily login rewards from the event:

I am assuming we will get to see her in-game pretty soon! As of right now, there have been no news regarding this skin on the Korean pages (the ones that I’ve checked, at least), but I’ll keep you posted in case anything new pops up!

Is Seeger worth getting?

Definitely! Her kit is extremely powerful, and her AoE is on par with Miyuki’s – which is quite an achievement! Try to save up your Selected Tickets to upgrade her as much as you can during this event, because it’s definitely not a loss.

What about Astaroth?

Everybody’s been waiting for Astaroth, but to be honest her kit pales in comparison with Seeger’s. if you want to get her, you can pull her for the collection – otherwise, just skip it.

There is also a Growth Aids for Astaroth going on at the moment, but I am not sure if it’s worth investing in that. I would rather spend all my Selected Tickets on Seeger.

Lunar is available via Battle Pass

Lunar is the last unit we’ll talk about, and she is available via the BP. It’s good to buy it for the rewards.

In the meantime, I hope you found this guide useful, and if you are interested in any other Illusion Connect-related content, let me know down in the comments below!

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