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Idle Master 3D Guide: Tips & Cheats to Build the Perfect Team & Unlock More Heroes

Idle Master 3D Guide: Tips & Cheats to Build the Perfect Team & Unlock More Heroes

If you’re looking for some advice to improve your play, our Idle Master 3D tips and cheats will help you get better, learn how to build a perfect team, unlock more heroes and much more.

The game is very similar to idle heroes and other great idle games available on mobile, offering a big challenge to those who like to collect heroes and improve their game constantly.

But with so many features available, as well as so many things to do in the game, you want to make sure that you’re not missing any opportunities to progress faster. And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with in today’s game! So without further ado, here are some Idle Master 3D tips and tricks to get you started.

Log in constantly to redeem your idle rewards

A nice thing about Idle Master 3D is that even when you are offline, your heroes are fighting on the map and collecting resources based on the area they’re currently in.

They won’t collect infinite amounts of resources though, so it’s best to come back from time to time and at least collect that loot. You will also get some equipment and you can switch to a different stage to get different types of equipment in order to avoid collecting too much of a type and not having enough of another.

Focus on completing the Lord Quest ASAP

You might be wondering what that purple spot is when selecting the heroes for your in-game team. Well, that is where your Lord Hero will stay – but you have to unlock it first!

In order to unlock a hero, you will need to complete their Lord Quests – make it your main goal to complete these quests as fast as possible, because unlocking the Lord in the game will give you a massive advantage and help you cruise through the stages of the game.

Complete the daily missions each day

This is one of those games where completing the daily missions isn’t extremely simple, but it is something you should focus on doing each day anyway in order to grab the rewards for doing so.

Apart from the rewards from the missions themselves, you will receive an Advanced Draw key and 100 Diamonds for completing all these missions – and these are incredible rewards.

So do your best to complete these daily quests in the game and make it your goal to do so each and every day if you want to progress faster as a free to play player.

Keep an eye out for events (red dots, generally)

There are a lot of things happening at all times in Idle Master 3D and you should make sure that you don’t miss any of them.

We’re talking about events and all sorts of rewards – just make it a habit to tap everything that has a red dot on it, in the main screen and everywhere elsewhere it is possible.

Most of the in-game rewards and events are related to at least some sort of premium user-type (meaning that you get more or can participate if you spend real life money) but even as a free to play gamer, you will have a ton of rewards and events to be part of, helping you build a better team and be a better player overall.

Save Diamonds for 10 Advanced summons

Whenever you have a golden key that you can use for an Advanced Summon, use it! Individual keys will count toward you getting closer to that guaranteed 5-star hero, so you should use them as soon as you have them.

But when it comes to Diamond summons, you should always be patient and wait until you have enough to perform the 10-at-once summon because you get a small discount this way (as well as a guaranteed 5-star hero).

It is difficult to wait, but Idle Master 3D is a game where patience is key and usually more rewarding than being in a hurry.

Is Hero Exchange Worth It?

One of the things that you can do in the Summoning Area of the game is exchange your top star heroes for random heroes of the same star number.

This isn’t cheap and should be used carefully – only when the hero you are exchanging is one that you never plan to use in your team and one that you don’t really need at all. In other words, this is a more advanced feature that you will only be able to use later in the game, when you have more heroes available.

Early on, I would recommend against using it, even if you don’t have a top tier hero in the game. Early on, every 4 and especially 5-star hero is really useful. Plus, you have a ton of opportunities to get more heroes anyway and you might get a great one without wasting resources in the Hero Exchange area.

Keep your top heroes at maximum level

You should only invest resources in leveling up the heroes that are part of your main team: your top 6 heroes, in other words.

All other heroes are pretty much useless – and even though you need some sort of variety for some of the in-game stages, only your top tier heroes should be kept in great shape: wearing the best items, maxed levels and with the best available perks equipped.

Even early on in the game, you won’t get to use 1 and 2 star heroes too often (they are pretty much useless) and even three star heroes will become obsolete just a few hours after you start playing.

This means that your main priority – even from the early stages of the game – should be that of investing in your top 4-star and 5-star heroes. The latter are a bit more difficult to obtain, so you will spend some time with your initial 4-star heroes, so don’t shy away from investing a bit in them.

How to get more heroes in Idle Master 3D

There are various ways for you to get extra heroes in the game and the easiest is to spend real life money for one of the many options that the developers offer to draw more heroes.

But even for free to play players who don’t want to spend a lot of money in the game, there are still options.

Your main source of getting more heroes in Idle Master 3D will be the Summoning Circle, where you will have the Advanced Summons for the best heroes, but also the Basic and Friendship Summons that can sometimes reward you with rare heroes.

Apart from that, you should keep an eye on all running events and be active as many of them reward you with hero shards or heroes. Also, as a beginner, going through the story stages for the first time and progressing through the game will reward you with some heroes as well.

In other words, the main thing that you need to do in order to get more heroes in the game is be as active as possible and play everything that can be played each day in order to get all the possible rewards.

How to build the perfect team in Idle Master 3D

If early on you will not have a lot of options when it comes to the heroes that you select for your team, as you progress and unlock more heroes, you have to become picky and use some strategy when it comes to creating that winning team.

There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when building your team, as listed below:

– the rarity of your heroes is the most important factor when it comes to team selection. The higher star heroes will always be better choices than the lower star ones as they have better stats and skills.

– the position of the heroes on the field is important too: usually, the first two heroes are the ones receiving most damage, so you should place your tankiest ones in those two spots.

They need to be able to soak up as much damage as possible in order to keep the ones at the back (generally the top damage dealers) alive as much as possible.

– You should keep team formation boost in mind as well: having a set number of heroes from the same faction will give you various boosts. This means that it might be useful to create a team of just 2-3 hero types to get the bonuses.

– Also have in mind that the in-game Factions that the heroes belong to are strong against an faction and weak against another. (eg nature is strong against earth and weak against fire)

– If you really have a lot of options to choose from, I recommend setting up a team with one strong tank only, folowed by a support (booster or one that nerfs the opponents). Also, having a healer is very useful for the more challenging battles – but after that, focus heavily on damage dealing, especially to the back row which is usually the most dangerous part of a team.

Join an active guild

Being part of an active, powerful guild in Idle Master 3D is also important because you have a lot of benefits the stonger the guild is.

The main ones are the Guild War that you can take part in for great rewards, but also the Guild Instance where a strong alliance will go through the bosses faster. Not to mention the Tech Tree – the more active the guild, the more they invest in the tech tree, boosting the stats of your own heroes.

Craft better equipment in the blacksmith

Equipment of a lower level or rarity is not necessarily useless: you can still use those bits of equipment to create better items in the Blacksmith. So make it a habit to constantly check out the options there and always craft the best equipment you can.

Keep an eye on the various shops

Idle Master 3D offers a bunch of shops where you can get some pretty good deals, actually – even though in most cases the items on display won’t be too helpful.

But do check the various shops and take advantage of the offers there – all the shops below the Diamond shop will have various heroes on sale, usually solid rare heroes. They’re not cheap, but if you are active and play a good game, you will be able to take advantage of the deals there and build an impressive team.

These would be our Idle Master 3D tips and tricks for now. If you have additional advice for fellow players – or any questions to ask – don’t hesitate to let us all know by commenting below.

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