I Became a Dog is an extremely interesting game available on mobile: one day you wake up as a dog and have to work your way up to becoming human again from there. It’s not going to be an easy job, but I am here to help by sharing some I Became a Dog tips and tricks – and a walkthrough to help you complete the game faster.

It won’t be easy, as I said – you still need to invest a lot of time in it, but it’s all worth it since the experience is simply amazing. So you have to do it!

UPDATE: If you are interesting in a guide to unlock all the game’s endings, we have published that in a separate article here. The walkthrough and tips are below.

We’ll start with some gameplay tips, because these are the most important and they help you complete the game easily on your own:

1. The most important thing in the game is to level up your language skills by eating dog food. Early on, you will have to wait for it to arrive, but soon after you will learn to Bark and ask for the dog food, so progress will be a lot faster. So eat as much as possible!

Note: have in mind that the food is only served in the area where the three dogs are, so make sure that you bark only when you are nearby.

2. The second most important thing are bugs: you can never have enough of them, so collect them like there’s no tomorrow! You will also learn, eventually, a skill that will call in the bugs and it will be easier to collect them. Just like barking, use the skill whenever you can!

3. Talk to all dogs: new information will be available each time you level up your language skills or after passing a certain milestone in the game. I usually go talk to all dogs after each new level – there’s not much else you can do anyway.

4. You don’t have to wait to fully understand what the dogs are saying in order to be allowed to complete some of the tasks, but you will have to eventually understand them for others, so you still have to go through the eating/getting bugs phases.

5. Unlock the hints. In the main menu, you will have hints for the main events in the game. You unlock each by watching an ad – make sure you do so because it helps the developer greatly and the game is really worth our support! Plus, the hints themselves will make your life a lot easier!

6. You don’t have to wait for the bark / fart meters to restore. You can use up to 5 in a row (the green dots below each of them). It took me a while to find this out and it helps greatly with the speed of your progress, especially when it comes to collecting bugs.

I Became a Dog walkthrough

Basically, all you have to do is to level up your language and talk to the dogs. Eventually, they will start giving you quests and you have to complete them one after another in order to complete the game. There’s no other way around this.

So talk to the dogs until you understand them, they will give you quests.

The first quest will be to get the rubber duck from the bathtub. You will learn from the dogs (and hints) that the key to the bathroom is in the sink. After getting there, you will have to talk to the jumping dog in order to learn to swim.

After doing this, keep leveling up your language skill and collect bugs. You will end up giving a mouse to the dog in the cage.

After a while, the jumping dog will start allowing you to level up your speed – take a few upgrades, but don’t spend all your bugs on that yet because you will need them for other quests. Depending on the ending you’re after, you will need maximum speed.

For example, the next quest: the medicine. You will need 500 bugs to give to the dog in the cage in order to complete this quest as you need his treasure: a DVD. Play it in the DVD Player, then go to the dog house – blindly move forward as much as possible, then all the way to the right. You will get the study key.

Go to the computer and use it – you need the password: 4, 7, 6, 3.

Go talk to the dog in the jail house, then collect the oil canister. Go to the flower pot and dig – then return the dead puppy to the jail dog. Go to the warehouse.

Once there, you can eat all the dog food to earn a ton of fast levels!

Also get the medicine and deliver it to the dog. Then give her the oil can – you need to fill it with oil first, though, from the toilet.

Now talk to the dog guarding the door – you have to collect 1,000 bugs and you will get the oil pump.

After getting the oil, deliver it to Tomy and tap on her again. Depending on the ending you are looking to get, accept the toy (or not, in most cases). Refuse to give it to James as well. Get James’ key to the bedroom.

At around this point, Sony (the jumping dog) will start asking you to help him stop from jumping. Depending on the ending you’re after, help or not.

Go to the Jail again and talk to Julia. Accept her quest to take on Tomy. In order to get the Jail key, bark when outside and when Julia goes to eat, go to her rug and tap it – you will get the Jail Key. Go to Julia again.

Now go into the bedroom and tap the map. Bark three times in a row (tap the Bark button 3 times, without waiting for it to refill) and talk the human until he starts following you – there is also a quest to deliver 1,500 bugs to him. You can go to Julia during this time and get 500 bugs for free.

If you get to a point where an old man comes and asks for money, you will find them: in the bedroom (closet), in the computer room (book shelves) and in the warehouse.

If you get stuck anywhere, just let us know and we’ll happily help you out!


  1. I can’t figure how to dig up the the flower pot-I’m new to this game and this is pretty much in the beginning so I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong

    • Complete Tomy’s Three requests, then deny her “reward” twice (if you take the reward she will kill you). After you free Julia and lock Tomy in prison, you will find that Julia is also crazy. Bark while in jail, then, while Julia is eating, go out and close off the jail by putting the passcode into the computer. Then, go out, bark, and eat all by yourself.

  2. How do I get the human to kiss me???
    And the dog that was in jail from before, is acting kinda weird, and she’s following me.. it’s a bit creepy!

  3. I’m at the part where you have to bark at the human to wake him up. i have tomy in jail and i’ve barked at the human atleast 20 times and he won’t wake up. is there a step im missing?

  4. I just gave the toy to James and went to talk to the other dogs but now I’m stuck. There’s nothing for me to do. I talked to Julia but am not getting the hint for the jail key.

  5. I just gave the toy to James and went to talk to the other dogs but now I’m stuck. There’s nothing for me to do. I talked to Julia but am not getting the hint for the jail key.

  6. How do I get that bark button? Tomy is currently in jail and I’m trying to wake up the human but I don’t have a bark button and Somy is missing! What do I do?

  7. When I bark to try and lure julia in the jail she just eats in the living room. I can’t figure out ending 3 and I did all the steps on the walk through

    • I think he turned into the old man that was mentioned (meaning he turned human again). I haven’t seen the old man yet, but I think based on how old Sony looked, he used to be an old man?? Theory, idk

  8. Know what to do in order to get the jail key but it won’t let me. I bark for food then when to my leaves i go to her bed and search for the key and all I end up doing is walking on top of her cushion then she comes back and I repeat the process

  9. How do you get the fart power? I already unlocked one of the endings and I still can’t figure out how to get it. ( It took hours to finish while catching the bugs manually)

  10. Unknown go to bedroom and click on closet you ll get 6$ then got to warehouse and click the left shelf you will get 3$ then for the last dollar go to study and click on the bookshelf

  11. On ending 5 I lost Julia in the jail with Tommy by putting in the password into computer and then after I left the room it took me back to the very beginning where I could not understand all the other dogs and I was not familiar with farting and barking please help me what do I do can I get back without doing all the chores I did in the beginning PS hope this makes sense

  12. aaaaaaahhhhHHHHHH-
    I woke up the human, he told me how we (spoliers) swiTcHed bOdiEs, I had to follow him around for a bit, he called me slow, and now he’s in the room, and I’m locked out. If this helps, Julia has started following me again (Tomy is in jail, James is dead, and Sony is missing, but I think he just went back to being a human.) Am I at a dead end??

  13. What does the restart button do? I can’t find the key in the kitchen and this is causing me to want to start again. The only problem is I don’t want to start all my endings again. I have 4 / 5 and currently im doing number 3.

  14. I can’t lock Tomy up. I keep getting locked up and I want to know if her little friend is gonna propose and blow up. He won’t cause he’s nervous. Help?


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