I Became a Dog is a beautiful adventure game with multiple endings. In order to get them all, you have to replay the game over and over again. However, despite our complete walkthrough and hints you can unlock in the game itself, getting them is a bit more difficult.

This is why we have decided to create and article and share with you a guide to all the I Became a Dog Endings. After reading this, you will know what you have to do in order to unlock them all – and it will be really fun!

So let’s not waste a single moment, and let’s check out what needs to be done in order to get all the endings in the game!

I Became a Dog Ending 1 guide

After completing all the tasks for Tomy (the dog on the pink rug), she will offer to give you a gift. Talk to her until the gift is ready and accept it. You can also accept to give it to the other dog if you refused it the first time.

I Became a Dog Ending 2 guide

This was the most difficult ending to figure out as the hints in the game require you to think a bit out of the box. But at least we managed to get there (eventually) and we’re making it easier for you by sharing this guide with you as well.

So, in order to get the second ending, complete all the tasks required by Tomy, but after giving her the oil, don’t talk to hear again. Instead, go to the Jail and talk to Julia (the dog in the jail).

Now you will need to get the jail key: either wait for food to be served, or even easier, bark to get food delivered. While Tomy is away to eat, go to the pink rug and tap it until you get the jail key.

Return to Julia, release her from the jail and go confront Tomy. You’ll get the second ending!

I Became a Dog Ending 3

In order to do this, you need to keep your speed one level below the maximum level. If you haven’t completely upgraded your speed yet, simply reject Sony’s offer to increase it (Sony is the jumping dog). If you have completely increased it, talk to Sony and say that you want to increase your speed some more. He will say that it’s at maximum level and offer you to lower it down a level. Do it!

Now do all the quests for Tomy and refuse her gift twice (once for you, once for James). Get the prison key as explained above, talk to Julia and imprison Tomy. Get the bedroom key and go there and bark three times (tap the bark button 3 times in a row).

Talk to the person until they start running from you – you won’t be able to catch the because your speed is not at maximum level.

Now go to the jail and talk to Julia, then Tomy. Bark in the jail room and while Julia is eating, go quickly at the computer and use the password (4 7 6 3) to close it. Now go and eat – all the food is yours!

I Became a Dog Ending 4

When replaying the game, make sure that you max out your speed from Sony the barking dog. Also make sure that, when he asks you to help him to stop jumping, you help him out.

Now do all the quests until you get back in the bedroom and wake up the human. After talking to him and completing the bugs quest (you can talk to Julia during this time to get 500 bugs), you will start following him and catch him. He will allow you to become human again.

Go tap on all the dogs in the rooms (including the dead ones) and an old man will appear. You need to collect $10 and you find them here: $6 in the bedroom, in the closet; $1 in the computer room – in the book case; $3 in the warehouse on one of the shelves.

When you have all the money, go talk to the old man and you’re back to your human life. A dog’s life seems better, right?

I Became a Dog Ending 5 guide

This is considered the happy ending. You have to do everything mostly like you did for ending 4, but when Sony the jumping dog asks you to save him, don’t.

Play all the way to the end – turn into human – and after the cutscene with your wife ends, go back to the dog and kiss him again. Happy life, huh?

So these would be all the endings in I Became a dog and how to get them. This is such a beautiful game, with more to offer than it first catches the eye – a very deep, philosophical game I would say. And now you know how to get all endings, so have fun!

And don’t forget – make sure that you watch the ads to unlock all the hints in the game – this is your way of saying thank you to the developer for creating such an amazing title, and a way to encourage him to do more!


    • Her toy is in the bathroom. You’ll need to talk to bring a mouse to the dog in the doghouse, and get the key from the sink. (You can get a mouse by bringing bugs to James (the dog guarding the door)). Then talk to Sony (the jumping dog) and bring him bugs so he can teach you to swim. Then just go to the bathroom and retrieve it from the bathtub.

  1. I love “I Became a Dog” The first and third ending I figured out by myself, but all the other endings I was like “OMG how do you get through this dang thing…”
    So thank you for all the endings, I appreciate it very much!!

  2. I am very stuck I was doing the 4 ending and I didn’t see what the dog in jail told me too do and I can’t get the prison I already gave her the dead puppy so what do I do?


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