Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity has only been announced this week, and thankfully we won’t have to wait much longer to see the game in actual action.

Today, Koei Tecmo confirmed that the game will be shown during a special live stream on September 26th, which will air as part of this year’s edition of the Tokyo Game Show. During the same event, Koei Tecmo will show another anticipated game: Atelier Ryza 2 Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy.

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity is set to be much more than what the original Hyrule Warriors was, as it will not be a simple celebration of the series.

Age of Calamity will be set 100 years before the events of Breath of the Wild and will provide more information on the events that preceded what happens in the latest entry in the Zelda series.

While the gameplay will retain the same hack and slash feel of the original, Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity will also feature environmental puzzles, new weapons and skills, and tons of other mechanics inspired by Breath of the Wild.

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 20th.


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