Hyper Life Guide: Tips & Cheats To Living a Full Life


Welcome to Hyper Life, the game about well, life! You enter the world as a baby, and now you must make your decisions as you grow up and travel through the twisting tunnels of life. Will you go make a friend at the playground? Will you kiss your crush at the party? Will you become a politician? Will you go spend time at Grandma’s house? There are plenty of choices to be made!

In our Hyper Life tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of the game and how to live your life to the fullest. We will explain how the different stages and choices work, so let’s get started with our Hyper Life cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to living a full life!

The Structure of Life

When you first start Hyper Life, you are randomly assigned a gender and you start the game out as a baby. There are five stages of life: baby, child, teenager, adult, and elder. Each stage lasts two phases, and phases are comprised of three different choices you need to make.

So, the flow of the game goes a little something like this: you start a stage of life, then you make three decisions to alter your life. You make three more decisions, then you move onto the next phase. You repeat this process all the way until you become elderly and you reach the end of your lifetime. What a great life!

Making Decisions

As you live your life, you will need to constantly make decisions that may or may not have lasting effects on your lifetime. You have three decisions to choose from, and they are color coded to help you tell them apart.

Some decisions will increases your stats, while others will decrease them, and some decisions may even permanently alter your life, such as entering a relationship with another person or having a child.

The important thing to keep in mind is that there are no inherently “bad” choices – sure, some decisions will lower your stats more than other decisions will, but there really is no point to them in the end, which we will explain later.

The point is that you should choose a decision based on what YOU would actually choose in real life. That is the best way to play this game after all!

The Three Attributes

You may have noticed the three icons on the left side of the screen. These are the three main attributes of life. The coin represents wealth, the heart represents compassion and integrity, and the book represents knowledge and wisdom.

Depending on the choices you make throughout life, you will earn or lose attributes as you go. Try not to think too hard about it, as you should still answer honestly. Your wealth might go up, but your compassion may go down, and so forth. One of the decisions may also increase all of your attributes as well.

When you are walking down the path of life, you can also collect little figments of each attribute. These will add one to the corresponding attribute, so go ahead and collect as many as you can. If you time it right, you can grab two per row of attributes by swiping to the next lane as fast as you can.

Partners & Kids

Depending on how you decide early on in your life, you may find yourself with a partner going into your teens and adults. If you play your cards right, you will have a partner for life, but just know that one wrong move can result in you being alone again.

This does not really change anything, but if you want to end your lifetime with a partner, you need to watch out for what you choose. It is pretty obvious which decisions may result in your partner leaving you, so just make sure you read all of them before you decide.

You can take it a step further and have a baby together if you keep making all the right moves. You will not live long enough to see your child grow up all the way – the oldest you will see them is in their child stage, but knowing you have left behind a legacy is a good thing, right?

What do the attributes do?

So, you may be wondering at this point what those three attributes actually do. Well, we do not really have an answer for you, because they seem to do absolutely nothing! The game does not really keep track of your total attribute score at the end of a lifetime, so we are not really sure what the point of them is.

It is fun to collect as many attributes as you can, that is for sure, but as for any tangible rewards from doing so, we think that is a bust. Go ahead and collect them for fun, but do not expect any kind of bonus for doing so.

In theory the higher your stats are, the better opportunities you will get as you progress through your life, but there really is no way to prove this theory. So, do not bother with the advertisement at the end of a phase that gives you a x5 multiplier to your collected attributes.

The Cycle Continues

After the second phase of your elderly state comes to a close, your character will peacefully pass away. You can now choose to continue playing by starting a whole new character who will go through the entire lifetime again!

Since attributes seem to have no importance, go ahead and make your decisions based solely on what you would actually pick. Have fun and enjoy the experience!

That’s all for Hyper Life! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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Hyper Life Guide: Tips & Cheats To Living a Full Life


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