My Hotpot Story Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More


You’ve finally decided to chase your long-life dreams of opening a hotpot restaurant! In My Hotpot Story, players will manage a fledging hotpot restaurant and turn it into the best restaurant ever. You’ll manage new hires, develop fresh recipes, and change the decor up. Today, we’ll help start your hotpot restaurant on the right foot with our My Hotpot Story strategy guide: tips, cheats, and more!

My Hotpot Story Tips and Strategy Guide

Welcome to My Hotpot Story! For your first steps, you should do as the game suggests and follow the list of recommended tasks. You can access this list at any time by tapping the blue clipboard in the bottom left corner of the screen.

My Hotpot Story is very much a standard restaurant idle management game, so naturally there will be a lot of downtime when you’re first starting out. Stick with it though, and eventually you’ll be running a huge restaurant!

Follow the Recommended Task List

Like most mobile management games, you’ll start very small with a limited income of cash, so you’ll need to rely on completing the tasks for bonus money. These tasks will also lead you down the general progression route of your restaurant, so if you follow them, you can be sure that your restaurant will be up-to-date.

But of course, if you’d rather take your restaurant in its own direction, you’re more than welcome to do that too. Just don’t forget to check in with the task list occasionally to see if you can claim any rewards. You’ll need all the cash you can get early on!

Your Staff Generates Idle Money

During the tutorial, the game will briefly go over how your staff works. There are five categories of staff: waiter, cashier, dispenser, cook, and welcome. You’ll hire a waiter during the tutorial, and every type of staff takes care of different areas of your restaurant.

  • Waiters will take orders and clean up tables.
  • Cashiers will provide bills and collect money.
  • Dispensers will carry out dishes to tables.
  • Cooks will cook dishes faster.
  • Welcoming staff increase your service rating.

When you’re away from the game, your staff will take care of your restaurant for you. Just be sure to check in now and then because no one can take care of the dishes except you, so if your dishes get backed up in the sink, you’ll stop generating money.

Hiring new staff and upgrading them doesn’t just make you more money, it also increases your restaurant’s service rating, which is one of the three factors that determines your restaurant’s overall rank.

Improve your Restaurant’s Decor

Once you’ve taken care of staff, it’s time to start expanding the restaurant. Tap on the Store button at the bottom left, and you purchase new furnishings and upgrade your existing dining rooms. Depending on what you upgrade, your restaurant will gain bonus stats, and they are as follows:

  • Outside decor keep potential customers waiting in line longer and attract more.
  • Hall decor sits more customers, speeds up dining time, and increases idle money generation.
  • Kitchen decor speeds up cooking time and idle money generation.
  • VIP, Theater, and Buffet decor will unlock new dining areas to hold more guests.

Every decor upgrade you buy increases your restaurant’s facility rating, which is the overall rating of your restaurant’s facilities. This is one of the three factors that determines your restaurant’s overall rank.

Check the Lucky Cat for Materials

The Maneki-Neko, or lucky cat statue, will collect cooking materials for you over time. In addition to that, after you’ve served enough tables, you can collect Dish Elements from it, which allow you to develop new recipes.

Every time you collect Dish Elements from the lucky cat, the maximum tables will eventually increase, so you’ll have to serve more to get your next supply drop. Just keep an eye and ear out—the lucky cat statue will meow every time it has materials ready for you.

Upgrade and Develop New Dishes and Broth

Of course, the heart of your restaurant is your menu. You can’t run a successful restaurant if your dishes aren’t tasty! Every new dish you unlock starts at 1 star, and you can upgrade them all the way up to 5 stars to increase their profit margin.

Eventually, you’ll have to develop new recipes and expand your menu to keep the customers coming in. You remembered to collect the Dish Elements from the lucky cat statue, right? Now, tap on the Develop button at the bottom of the screen.

You can use all three types of Dish Elements to unlock a new dish at random. Every time you unlock a new dish or upgrade an existing one, your restaurant’s food rating will increase. Food rating is one of the three ratings that determines your restaurant’s overall rank.

In addition to using the Dish Elements, you can also create some new broths for your hotpots. This is handled a little differently and is only briefly touched upon, so we’ll explain it fully here. First, tap on the Storage button at the bottom of the main screen.

You should now see a match-3 style board. This is where the magic happens! This little merging mini-game lets you develop new broth flavors, and when you have at least one of each flavor, you can create a new broth.

To get started, tap on any of the plants near the top of the screen. There are five flavors, and they are:

  • Sour
  • Sweet
  • Bitter
  • Spicy
  • Salty

Let’s start with sour as an example. Tap on the sour plant, and this will spawn a level 1 sour flavor, which is a green lime. Spawn another one, then drag one into the other to create a level 2 sour flavor, which is a lemon.

The idea here is to continue merging upward until you get to a level 6 flavor, which is the flavor in its purest form. Once you have level 6 flavors from every flavor type, you can then develop a new broth flavor. Broths are the basis for your hotpot dishes, so having lots of broth types will improve your income dramatically.

To spawn a new level 1 flavor, it costs one energy to do so. Your energy total can be seen in the top left corner, indicated by the blue lightning bolt. Your energy caps out at 30 and stops generating from there. Try not to let your energy cap out—keep making new flavors as much as possible to ensure steady progress towards the next broth unlock.

Keep Ranking Up to Improve your Restaurant

That just about covers everything you need to know to run a successful hotpot restaurant. Hire staff, collect materials from the lucky cat statue, improve and unlock recipes, and develop new dishes and broths.

Improving these aspects will raise your facility, service, and food ratings, which will increase your restaurant’s overall rank. Higher ranks unlocks more stuff, so that means your restaurant can be even greater!

That concludes our My Hotpot Story strategy guide with tips, cheats, and more. If you have any other questions or tips to share, let us know in the comments below!

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My Hotpot Story Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More


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