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Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game developed by Re-Logic. The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows. However, the title was further ported to several other platforms to expand its player base. While exploring and building in the game, you will find a lot of features. Autopause is one of the useful features that Terraria has to offer.

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As the name suggests, the Autopause option automatically pauses the game whenever you open any other screen. Whether it’s the settings menu or inventory section, the option will automatically freeze your character while you’re doing some other task.

Everything you need to know about toggling Autopause in Terraria

Autopause feature Terraria

Before moving forward, it’s worth noting that the process differs for different platforms. However, its function will remain the same. Here’s how to toggle it in the mobile devices:

  1. Launch the game on your smartphone.
  2. Open the Terraria Settings menu.
  3. Select Settings from the list.
  4. Toggle Autopause according to your need.
  5. Hit the back button to save changes in Terraria.

Apparently, you might not find the Autopause feature helpful in many situations. For instance, you can’t move while you’re checking the inventory if it’s enabled in the settings. Therefore many players turn it off to perform multitasking efficiently. Eventually, it ultimately depends on personal preference and can vary from player to player.

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