How to Work for BitLife in BitLife: Tips and Cheats


BitLife is offering something a little bit more meta for fans of the text-based sim game. Have you always wanted your BitLife sim-character to actually work for the BitLife company? Becoming an integral part of the app developing team, raking in that cash before a healthy retirement? Find out how to get your dream job here!

How to Work for BitLife in BitLife

To get started on the right path, you will need to start a new life, making sure your character is born in Miami. You can move to Miami instead, but we find it easier just to start off in the right place to begin with.

When you have aged up to school-attending age, make sure you are studying well in school. This gives you a better chance of attending University and getting a scholarship, which means you don’t start your adult life in debt.

bitlife career in bitlife
Become a Jr. App Developer (via BitLife)

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Once you have finished High School, you get to choose whether to apply for a job or to attend University. Choose the University option and make sure to take a course in Computer Science or Information Systems. Once you have finished your studies, there will be more jobs available to you. You can take any that are offered so you don’t lack money, but the one you are really looking for is Jr. App Developer. If it does not show up at first, just age up until you find it. It may take a while as jobs are pretty random—just keep looking.

bitlife career in bitlife
Welcome aboard! (via BitLife)

Once you are a Jr. App Developer, you have joined the BitLife team! Congratulations. Now you can work hard (but do not forget to keep your Mind and Body healthy too!), and end up with a decent pension at the end.

Good luck!

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How to Work for BitLife in BitLife: Tips and Cheats


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