How to Win the Bean Toss Festival in Rune Factory 5


Rune Factory 5 is an incredibly versatile RPG for the Nintendo Switch. As in the previous games of the series, this game has many different activities, such as fishing and farming. Players will also be able to find different event activities, and in this guide, we will tell you about the Bean Toss Festival.

How to Win the Bean Toss Festival

Rigbarth is an incredibly lively city. Throughout the game, you will constantly find something new for yourself. The city also regularly hosts festivals during which you can participate in fun contests.

Bean Toss Festival is the most important event in the city. During it, you can participate in the Bean Toss Contest. To do this, you need to approach Simone and talk to her. She will invite you to participate, and she will be able to tell you the rules.

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You will play the demon while other villagers throw Beans at you. You must catch all the Beans to earn points. There are several types of Beans:

  • Green Bean – 2 points
  • Brown Bean – 10 points
  • Pink Bean – 100 points

Villagers will sometimes throw Failed Dishes at you, which will completely reset your score, so you need to avoid them. To win, you need to score as many points as possible. For first place, you need to score more than 7008 points. We recommend that you don’t get too close to the villagers as you won’t be able to dodge Failed Dishes in time, but don’t stray too far, or you might miss out on Pink Bean. That’s all you need to know about winning the Bean Toss Festival.

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How to Win the Bean Toss Festival in Rune Factory 5


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