Star Wars: Commander is my top choice for an iOS game right now and I play it like crazy ever since it was launched, and so are you, probably. This also might mean that you feel the need to spend some real money to speed up your progress, get that upgrade ready or fill up your vaults faster to afford a brand new upgrade. I am here to help you keep your money in your pockets for as long as possible and teach you how to win at Star Wars: Commander without spending any real money. It can be done and I’ve been doing it flawlessly so far!

1. The easiest thing to do, but at the same time the most difficult is to be patient. This is not a game that is made to be mastered in a few days – take the similar Clash of Clans, for example. I am playing that game for over an year now and I am nowhere near maxing out everything. So take it slow and let the game follow its course: that’s how it has been made and try to learn that patience will take you a long way. There is no need to hurry things too much, so spending real money really makes no sense. Be patient and you will soon see your base rise stronger and better than the bases of most players out there.

2. Maximize your free Crystals gains in order to get a bit of premium currency to take you far. I have already written a complete guide on how to get free Crystals in Star Wars: Commander, so if you’re having trouble piling them up, check the guide out.

The idea is to spend your earned Crystals smartly: so stock up on them until you have enough to build the third Droid (which costs 500 Crystals). Spending on rushing upgrade or training is not worthwhile because you’re not hurrying anywhere, really; spending on resources is extremely expensive too. Probably it makes more sens to invest your Crystals every now and then, but only when you are 100% sure that you can’t get the resources you need otherwise via regular attacks. You will usually find it a bit difficult to succeed to get enough resources to upgrade your headquarters because this means almost filling up your vaults, which in turn attracts other players to attack you. But get a solid base design to defend your troops, get the HQ outside the walls and give it a try. Only if you really can’t do it consider spending Crystals on resources.

3. If you can be fairly active and log in several times per day, you’re already doing better than many of the players out there: you’re constantly collecting resources from your “mines” and sending them into storage where they’re easier to defend, and you are also continuously keeping the Droids working. They should always do something, and focus on the important buildings first. Ideally, you will have, after logging out of the game, as few resources left as possible in order to discourage other players from attacking you. A player with few resources is an active player and few people want to risk a revenge from them.

Also, you don’t have to attack at all times. If your droids are busy upgrading and you won’t get to use them for a couple of days, there’s no need to go crazy with the attacks and fill up your vaults: you risk getting more people attacking you and losing more resources than you’re getting. Be smart and strategize when it comes to all your current and future moves. You can check out this Star Wars Commander fansite for more strategy articles and tips.

But in the end, it’s all about being as patient as possible and being smart with your spending. And if you do get to actually spending some money, it’s best to buy the larger amounts of Crystals because you get more for your buck. But hear it from me: you can totally play the game at a constant and still fun pace without spending real life money. Just try it!


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