So, you are just like me and you love Jungle Heat, but you don’t want to spend real money to get ahead in the game? Good news: it’s possible and am I here to tell you how to win at Jungle Heat without spending money! But first, make sure that you check out our previous Jungle Heat tips and tricks: how to get free diamonds and generic tips & tricks.

Basically, if you want to win at Jungle Heat without spending real money, it means that you’re really interested into how to get free diamonds, since these represent the premium currency of the game. To sum things up, if you don’t plan to read our article dedicated to that, you can win a ton of free diamonds by: cleaning debris on your base, winning clan and individual tournaments.


But it’s not all about doing it, but how to do it too and, especially, how to protect your resources. Because, in the end, you need resources to build up your base and if you are capable of defending them from attackers, you’re all good. So here are a few tips on how to do that:

– Stay under level. This means that you should keep your medals low, so that you’re not up there, attracting attacks from the most powerful players. Aim to be where players of a lower level than yours are and your resources should be safe (not to mention that getting extra from attacks is also easy).
– Build up your base accordingly. Try to keep your biggest resource silos under well protection, somewhere at the center of the base and make sure that the enemy has to break at least two sets of walls in order to get there. Make sure that those walls are of a level as high as possible.
– Place your mines as decoy around the base for the spies to attack them first, and make sure that you can take them out easily with your defenses.

So in the end, winning at Jungle Heat without spending money resumes to getting as many resources and diamonds as possible and keeping them. You don’t really have to rush production on buildings, even though they do take ages once you reach the higher levels and you don’t need to spend diamonds on filling up your silos. Just play it smart and be active and you won’t have to spend a single dollar on the game.

Also, there are two very important things that you should consider:

1. Find a great clan
If you are in a great, active alliance, not only that winning clan tournaments will be organized and a breeze, but also you will receive troops from them, which add up to your defensive capabilities and improve your attack strength. Being in an active and great clan is a must.

2. Get as many heroes as possible
And upgrade them. Heroes are really powerful once their level increases and can save you from a lot of trouble. There were, in my case, a few battles that I managed to win only because I had the heroes on the map. And for now, I only have three unlocked, working hard to get the Huntress which is again simply amazing.

Finally, if you are patient and ready to wait for all those upgrades to happen (hint: get at least three worker huts ASAP!), if you play it smart and are in an active alliance, you will be able to win at Jungle Heat without spending real money. Good luck with that!



  1. How do you level up heroes? My heroes don’t seem to gain any experience in pvp battles that I win. Or do not every pvp battles count?

    • Every PvP battle should count, as long as you use the hero in that specific battle. So you must place it on the battlefield so it gains XP. If they don’t, contact support, it’s most likely a bug I never heard of.


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