How to Walk Slow in Roblox


In Roblox, by default, you can walk or run. But what if you need to go very slowly. For example, you may need this in order not to attract much attention of monsters in the Backrooms mode. Besides this, there are many other mods that may require you to be slow to succeed, such as complex parkour ones. And we have great news! There is a way out and it is based on a bug that can be implemented while playing on a tablet or phone.

Slow Walking in Roblox on The Phone and Tablet

In order to slowly walk in Roblox, you need to hold the movement joystick exactly in the center. Thus, your character will begin to move forward a little bit, i.e. go slowly.

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You may not succeed the first time, as you need to get used to it. Practicing a lot, you will definitely be able to perform this simple trick. However, pay attention that this is possible on mobile phones and tablets only, not on PC. But you may use a special emulator for PCs if you want your Roblox game to be exactly like on mobile phones. Using this complex way, you can also walk slowly in Roblox on a PC.

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How to Walk Slow in Roblox


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