The latest iteration in the Saints Row series, Saints Row 2022, unofficially known as Saints Row Reboot, has finally made its way to the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Google Stadia platforms, bringing back the humor, action, open world experience, and many other things from the series in a more nuanced and colorful manner. The game is good but its performance is plagued with bugs and FPS issues. As a result, many players want to know how to view the framerate in Saints Row Reboot to check the FPS drop and the game’s active performance. 

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How to View Framerate in Saints Row Reboot

To view framerate in Saints Row Reboot, you have to make use of your hardware and some windows applications. If you are using an Nvidia GPU, you can use GeForce Experience to enable a framerate counter that you can place at any of the four corners of your game screen to see the current FPS. 

Alternatively, you can use Xbox Game Bar to enable a similar FPS counter that shows your in-game framerate for Saints Row Reboot or any other game. 

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If these two options are not up to your liking, you can use the Steam in-game Framerate counter to check FPS in Saints Row Reboot. 

How to Enable Steam FPS Counter 

You can follow the below steps to enable the Steam FPS counter to check FPS in Saints Row Reboot – 

  • Open Steam 
  • Click on the Steam option [You will find it in the top left corner of the game screen]
  • Click on Settings 
  • Navigate to the In-Game option
  • Enable In-Game FPS counter

How to Enable Xbox Game Bar FPS Counter

You can enable the Xbox Game Bar FPS counter via the Widget section in the Performance menu. We already have a separate detailed guide on how to do this, you can check it out here: how to enable the Xbox Game Bar FPS counter.

How to Enable FPS Counter Using GeForce Experience

Follow the below steps to enable the FPS counter using GeForce Experience. 

  • Press Alt + Z key to open the GeForce Experience Hotbar
  • Click on the Cog-like icon to open Settings
  • Go to Hud option 
  • Enable FPS counter 

And that is it. We have shared some of the most commonly used methods for checking FPS in games like Saints Row Reboot or any other. 

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How to View Framerate in Saints Row Reboot


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