How to use the Elixir Golem in Clash Royale

Guide for using Elixir Golems in Clash Royale
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The Elixir Golem cards in Clash Royale was first released on 4 November 2019. Since then it has become one of the most loved units in the Clash Royale community. The Elixir Golem is the best unit when we consider aspects like hit points to elixir cost ratio, offensive power, defensive power, stages, compatibility with different strategies, and more.

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For players who don’t know, the Elixir Golem is a rare card unlocked from Arena 11- Electro Valley. Clash Royale’s Elixir Golem is a building targeting troop with high hit points and good attack power. To deploy a elixir golem players only need 3 elixirs. Which is a lot less considering the uses the Elixir Golem has.

The official description of Elixir Golem says-

Splits into two Elixir Golemites when destroyed, which split into two sentient Blobs when defeated. A Blob gives your opponent 1 Elixir when destroyed!

Using Elixir Golem in Clash Royale

Image Credit | Reddit | User – Pekka
  • Elixir Golems are one of the tankiest units in Clash Royale. It is also one of the best, if not the best units when we compare hit points to elixir cost ratio. The Elixir Golem offers 1196 health per Elixir point and it can be used for an offensive push.
  • Players can use the Elixir Golem to tank out attacks.
  • The Elixir Golem is used before other troops in many strategies to counter enemy defenses. It is more effective than normal golems and acts as a perfect vanguard. It protects the rear troops from dying.

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  • Upon being destroyed, the elixir golem is dis-integrated into small elixir golems with high attack power and half the health of the previous unit.
  • Players can use the Elixir Golem as the perfect means of offense. Just deploy them with some other tanky units and a few high attack power units and you are sure to win. Why? Because, when an enemy destroys the elixir golem, the defense now aim for other units, rather than attacking the din-integration elixir golem units.
  • Players should not use more than 1 or at max 2 elixir golems as it allows more elixir blobs to enter the battle. Meaning your opponent gets more chances to collect elixir from you.
  • Your opponent gets 4 elixirs for destroying an elixir golem.
  • If an opponent deploys an Elixir Golem, make sure to counter it with high-level troops. Do not worry about elixir as you can get it back from elixir blobs.

Overall, the Elixir Golems in Clash Royale are good in both defensive and offensive situations. It depends on how you use them and in which stage they are.

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How to use the Elixir Golem in Clash Royale


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