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How to Use Special Skills in HoloCure

How to Use Special Skills in HoloCure
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Special Skills are one of the necessary aspects of HoloCure. Using a powerful Special Ability might kill many monsters and save your life. By reading this guide, you will find out how to use Special Skills in HoloCure

Using Special Skills in HoloCure

Before using special skills, you need to purchase them in the Shop. After that, you need to equip special skills to start playing the game. You only need to wait until the bar below you fills up, and you can use Special Skills by pressing the X button. And below, you can find the cooldown for each Special Skill in HoloCure.

Special SkillCooldown
Slow Time60 sec
Shark Call45 sec
Tako Spin60 sec
Phoenix Fire60 sec
The Reaper80 sec
Absolute Chaos90 sec
Ruler of Time90 sec
Mother Nature90 sec
True Horror80 sec
Become Beeg90 sec
Hope is Descending60 sec
Fubuki Storm85 sec
Hatotaurus80 sec
Mogu Mogu60 sec 
Ending Making Time!60 sec
Idol Dream70 sec
Full Concert80 sec
Hi-Spec Mode60 sec
Summon Blocks65 sec
Demon Lord’s Domain50 sec
Change of Heart10 sec
Banpire100 sec
WASSHOI!70 sec
Shallys100 sec
Duck Shout70 sec
S. Dynamite Body70 sec
KusogaKick90 sec
Spirit of the Oni75 sec
NEKO60 sec

If you consider that Special Skills cooldowns are too long, you can use Idol Costume or buy updates for your Special Skills in the shop. Try your best to reach a significant cooldown decrease and improve your in-game experience.

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That’s it with using Special Skills in HoloCure. As you can see, you can easily use Special Skill by pressing button X. But take into account that you should not use Special Skills 24/7. Sometimes it would be best to wait and catch the best option to get the maximum benefits from using a Special Skill. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to get Bounce Ball in HoloCure.

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How to Use Special Skills in HoloCure


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