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How to Get Bounce Ball in HoloCure

How to Get Bounce Ball in HoloCure

Unlocking new weapons is necessary, but it’s also probably one of the most exciting things you can do in HoloCure. It improves your in-game experience and allows you to progress faster. In this guide, you can learn how to get a Bounce Ball in HoloCure.

How to obtain Bounce Ball in HoloCure

Bounce Ball is one of the primary weapons that can be obtained in Holocure. Using a flat character and Cutting Board, you can easily unlock it by simply surviving for over 10 minutes. Once that is done, Bounce Ball will appear permanently in your battle arsenal.

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What is a Bounce Ball in HoloCure?

Bounce Ball is one of the most exciting weapons in the game. It periodically drops a ball that can work as an area attack, damaging a few targets simultaneously.

However, if you want to use the Bounce Ball in HoloCure with the highest effectiveness, check the list below. You will find all the boosts that Bounce Ball can get through leveling up.

  • Level 2: +20% DMG;
  • Level 3: 1 additional ball; 
  • Level 4: get Knockback effect;
  • Level 5: 1 additional ball; 
  • Level 6: decreases attack time by 15%;
  • Level 7 (MAX): increases damage by 30%, adds an extra ball to the attack.

Take into account that the effectiveness of Bounce Ball significantly depends on the character you use. The larger the breasts of your character, the bigger the balls that will be used for the Bounce Ball attack. Also, you can collaborate on a Bounce Ball with the CEO’s Tears or Cutting Board to get the best results.

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That’s it with getting a Bounce Ball in HoloCure. As you can see, Bounce Ball unlocks automatically as you start progressing in the game. Even though this weapon is extremely accessible, many players consider it one of the most potent weapons that can hit multiple targets.

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How to Get Bounce Ball in HoloCure


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