How to Pet Bubba in HoloCure


Even though the central idea of HoloCure is dealing with tons of monsters eager to kill you, the game also includes various other aspects, one of which is getting pets. This guide will teach you how to pet Bubba in HoloCure.

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How to tame Bubba in HoloCure

First, enter the idol menu and choose Amelia Watson there. She is the only character in HoloCure who can get Bubba in the game. 

Once you select Amelia Watson, choose the Endless game mode and play until you get Bubba as one of the skills suggested for level-up. Unfortunately, skills in HoloCure are random. That means you might not get Bubba at all, even if you are at the late game stages.

But if you have got Bubba as one of the suggested skills, feel free to select it, as it is one of the most powerful skills in the game. After that, approach Bubba and hold the P button on your keyboard to tame it. Taming takes around 10 seconds, but it is way more challenging than it might seem.

Take into account that you are vulnerable to enemies’ attacks while taming Bubba. And if you are at the late game, taming Bubba will result in death in 90% of the cases.

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What is Bubba in HoloCure?

Bubba is one of the cutest and most powerful skills in HoloCure. It allows players to gain a dog companion that attacks random targets, dealing 100% of their base damage per hit. Even though it might sound ridiculous, Bubba appears to be one of the most effective skills in the game.

That’s it with getting Bubba in HoloCure. As you can see, it is one of the strongest skills in the game, basically summoning a god who can fight on your side. The only issue is that it is pretty challenging to stay alive while taming Bubba in HoloCure.

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How to Pet Bubba in HoloCure


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