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The new Holocure update is here at last, with 9 new characters added. One of the characters making a particular buzz among the player community is Oozora Subaru. The sociable and lovable duck of Hololive has a lot of good skills as a Holocure character that make her easy to clear maps with. Thanks to her powers like Sunny Optimism, she’s one of the best new characters to play with. All in all, our favorite poptart loving tomboy shines in Holocure. This is the best Holocure Subaru build guide that will help you in those hard mode runs.

How To Use Subaru On The Map

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Subaru is a very well-balanced character in terms of skills and attacks. She has several damage-dealing moves that come enlaced with support features. Like Ina, she has the capability to be indestructible if set up correctly.

All Of Subaru’s Skills And What To Pair Them With

Subaru fighting a Yagoo in Holocure.

Sunny Optimism is one of Subaru’s most special assets, where her Optimism will increase the more damage she takes. Depending on how much of that she gained, she can get a certain amount of Invincibility if her health completely runs out. If that happens, she’ll recover some HP. You want to give her something that will help her boost that recovery. Good item choices for this include the Plushie, Full Meal, or Piki Piki Piman.

Subaru’s AOE attack is called Duck Whisperer. With this, she sends out a voice attack in 10 second intervals that severely damages enemies. The Nurse’s Horn would work well here, as it will allow you to recover HP when defeating enemies.

Officer Subaru is on the case when it comes to the Oozora Police skill. With this, she will be able to one shot any basic enemy with the Handcuffs she accumulates. Something that would go well with this is the Body Pillow.

How To Unlock Subaru In Holocure

In Holocure, you unlock characters through a gacha system. The only characters available immediately are the 5 members of Holomyth. You earn coins by playing the game and can roll on the different banner for 1000 coins each. They are divided by their generations, so there’s a banner for CouncilRys, Gamers, etc. If you want to try for Subaru, you’ll have to roll on the Hololive Japan generation 2 banner.

How To Optimize Subaru’s Attacks

In conjunction with her model and persona, Subaru’s starting weapon is a baseball that she damages the enemies with. As you get deep into a playthrough, it will gain Awakened status. To increase the amount of damage she does, you can use items like the Face Mask, Devil Hat, or Gorilla’s Paw.

Known for her loud waterfowl-like voice, Subaru’s Duck Shout special attack pushes back the enemy, does 500 percent damage and sets down a temporary stun on said enemies. You can reduce the cooldown of special moves using the Idol Costume.

You can find Subaru and the other members of generation 2 in Holocure today! Challenge yourself to defeat the hordes of corrupted mascots over several different maps. It’s the perfect thing to put on when you want to turn your mind off and relax. The game is completely free, so give it a try today!

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Holocure Subaru Build Guide


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