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How to Unlock All Items in HoloCure

How to Unlock All Items in HoloCure

HoloCure is a survival action game where you play as your favorite Hololive character as they blast hordes of goofy enemies! If you’re a fan of the Hololive VTubers, you’ll have a blast with this game. There are lots of support items to make it easier to survive, so today, we’ll show you how to unlock all items in HoloCure.

Unlocking All Items in HoloCure

There are a total of 29 items in HoloCure, and 20 of them must be unlocked by completing special achievements. Here’s a complete list of the locked items, and what you have to do to unlock them.

  • Limiter: Survive for 10 minutes as Tsukumo Sana in a single run.
  • Injection Type Asacoco: Beat Stage Mode with Plug Type Asacoco or Breathe-In Type Asacoco in your inventory.
  • Credit Card: Use an Anvil for the first time.
  • Halu: Defeat 5,000 enemies in a single run.
  • Plushie: Survive for 10 minutes as Hakos Baelz in a single run.
  • Membership: Clear Stage Mode with Super Chatto Time! in your inventory.
  • Chicken’s Feather: Survive for 10 minutes as Takanashi Kiara in a single run.
  • Gorilla’s Paw: Defeat the Smol Ame boss.
  • Idol Costume: Use a special attack.
  • Energy Drink: Survive for 10 minutes as Calliope Mori in a single run.
  • Stolen Piggy Bank: Kill a Golden YAGOO.
  • Study Glasses: Reach level 50 in a single run.
  • Just Bandage: Die after surviving for 10 minutes in a single run.
  • GWS Pill: Die with the Halu item in your inventory.
  • Super Chatto Time!: Have 5,000 coins total in your inventory.
  • Breastplate: Take 500 damage in a single run.
  • Hope Soda: Clear Stage Mode with IRyS.
  • Kusogaki Shackles: Survive for 10 minutes as Murasaki Shion in a single run.
  • Devil Hat: Deal 1,000 damage in a single attack.
  • Blacksmith’s Gear: Enhance a weapon with an Anvil.

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Certain achievements require you to unlock an additional function from the shop first. For example, in order to use a special attack to unlock the Idol Costume, you need to purchase special attacks from the upgrade shop first.

That concludes our how to unlock all items in HoloCure guide. If you have any other questions about the item unlocking process, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Unlock All Items in HoloCure


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