What is an Inalock in HoloCure? – Answered

ina attacking with a tentacle in holocure

Are you a devoted fan of Hololive’s virtual idols? If so, you might want to check out HoloCure, a game made by a fan inspired by the game Vampire Survivors. In it, you play one of the Hololive English girls of your choice in order to fight hoards of enemies. Choose from Myth, Council, or Project Hope. Each of the girls has different skills, strengths, and builds. If you chose Ninomae Ina’nis or Ina for short, you can do a build with the tako priestess called the Inalock. This is what an Inalock is in HoloCure.

What An Inalock Does In Holocure

Ina from Holocure.

By using this build, Ina is essentially immortal. This special trick involves harnessing Ina’s skill called The Ancient One, which makes an area on the map that turns enemies into Takodachis. If you use Knightly Milk, you can expand the range of Ancient One’s effects. Since this build is healing based, you’ll want to use items like the Headphones, Full Meal, and Glasses. The Headphones give you a chance to dodge an attack, Full Meal heals you, and the Glasses help you raise your stats quicker.

Ina’s Most Important Skill In HoloCure

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For this to work, you must raise Ina’s Ancient One skill to level three because that’s when the enemies turned into Takodachis heal Ina. If you use the Nurses Horn item, it will help as well because that heals the user when an enemy is defeated. If you unlocked the Plushie, you can use that as well. The plushie provides an evade when taking damage, which is why it helps for the theme of this build.

A Warning About The Inalock

By using an Inalock, Ina is essentially invincible and can do many runs in a short amount of time. Do be careful, however, as it actually can heal her too much and possibly crash your game and computer. Try not to overdo it if possible. Still, the Inalock is definitely worth trying just to see how many runs you can do, especially if you yourself are a Takodachi. Wah!

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What is an Inalock in HoloCure? – Answered


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