HoloCure Shion Build Guide

shion in holocure

If you have been a Hololive fan for a while, chances are you are familiar with Murasaki Shion, the smug magician from Generation 2 of the streamer group. The latest update of the game HoloCure added her and the members of her wave, including Oozora Subaru.

The HoloCure Shion is a fantastic character who deals area damage and is able to boost her own attack power. If you can find a way to keep her alive, she has the potential to be one of the best DPS units in the game. Here is the ultimate HoloCure Shion build guide.

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How Shion’s build works

Thanks to her skills, Shion works really well on tight maps. She can eliminate many waves of enemies in a short time window and requires little outside support.

How to use Shion’s skills to win

Shion using her powers in Holocure.

Shion’s Cheeky Brat skill increases the damage she deals based on how little damage she takes, so you want to focus on equipping her for that. One of the best items to use is the Body Pillow, which shields the unit, while other good choices include the Headphones or the Plushie. You can also choose the Breastplate.

And of course, the garlic joke was bound to make its way into HoloCure one day. Shion’s Magic Garlic skill allows her to raise her Special Gauge if she is within a certain range. An item that would work well for this is the Devil Hat.

If you’ve seen some episodes of Hologra, you must be well aware that the mischievous Shion loves to travel with portals. Her Black Magic skill allows her to create portals, which can damage enemies or be used to quick travel back and forth between different places on the map, making it easier to move and avoid enemies. Pair this with the Face Mask item.

How to unlock a special item using Shion

If you unlock Shion and manage to maintain her health for at least 10 minutes in a battle, you will get the Kusogaki Shackles. These can take away any demerits from other items, making them really useful to pair with things like the Energy Drink.

All of Shion’s attacks

For her basic attack, Shion uses a damage dealing spell called Murasaki Bolt. The higher its level, the more perks it will have.

Shion’s ultimate move is the KusogaKick, where she delivers down a powerful attack from the air that deals an extremely high amount of damage to everything within the area.

After you unlock Shion in the gacha, you’ll have a powerful witch that has no issues taking out waves of enemies. You can download HoloCure for free today.

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HoloCure Shion Build Guide


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