How to Use Inquisitor in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips

How to Use Inquisitor in Rush Royale - Guide and Tips

Rush Royale is a game in the genre of tower defense where towers are replaced by RPG heroes!

The Inquisitor is a legendary rarity card that attacks the first target on the path. Each hit on the same target increases its damage. When his target changes, the damage increase resets. When you have, 4, 7, or 10 Inquisitors, they activate an extra ability that increases attack speed and allows dealing splash damage. Inquisitor is one of the most popular cards in the game Rush Royale, it is mainly used in combo with Arlly King. This is the basic part of the deck with which you will always win! 

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Best Inquisitor Decks in Rush Royale

As you know, success and victory in the game Rush Royale are to make a cool deck and be able to use it properly. The game has many different cards with which you will make a deck to win. With a good deck, you will always win over your opponents. We will offer you some great options below: 

  1. Inquisitor
  2. Statue of a knight
  3. Bombardier
  4. Dryad
  5. Arlly king
  1. Inquisitor
  2. Ice Mage
  3. Summoner
  4. Arlly king
  5. Shaman        
  1. Inquisitor
  2. Shaman
  3. Summoner
  4. Arlly king
  5. Dryad

These are some of the best decks to use with the Inquisitor. Good luck!

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How to Use Inquisitor in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips


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