How to use Cultist in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips

How to use Cultist in Rush Royale - Guide and Tips

The cultist is the legendary card in Rush Royale. If there are 1-3 neighboring Cultists, the card receives the ability to attack additional targets. 

At 7 level card attacks every 0.8 seconds, dealing 132 damage. When it has 4 neighboring Cultists, this damage is doubled to 264. Also, Cultist is quite good when fraction buster is for Dark Domain, which gives Cashback.

Best Rush Royale Cultist Decks

1. Portal Keeper, Dryad, Harlequin, Cultist, Scrapper.

This deck is suitable for those who like to play with a scrapper and are used to playing with dancers under him.

First, you need to set the maximum table of cultists, leaving only 4 slots in the corners, and then eat unnecessary cards in the corners with a scrapper. The essence of this strategy is that three cultists would play in the middle and then no one will defeat you!

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2. Chemist, Portal Keeper, Dryad, Harlequin, Cultist

One of the strongest decks this month.

The essence of this deck is very simple, first, find 5 cultists and put them on a cross. Improve the central map by 4 levels and next make another active cult and collect it into four.

Then improve the chemist in the corner to level 3-4 and put up the third cross from the cultists.

The main thing is to up the central three cards, it is not necessary to improve the cultists on the sides.

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How to use Cultist in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips


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