Marvel Contest of Champions is a free-to-play mobile fighting game that belongs to the famous Marvel franchise. There you are able to play as different heroes and villains from the Marvel universe and the Fantastic Four is one of the most popular teams of heroes. Human Torch belongs to this team and he has a huge fanbase of players that may want to play as this character. So, this guide will tell you how to use Human Torch in Marvel Contest of Champions.

How to Play Human Torch in Marvel Contest of Champions

Human Torch in Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the strongest science champions in this game. His abilities deal lots of damage and he is really strong against mystic champions. The main gimmick of this character is based on three passive effects. These are Smoulder, Temperature, and Incinerate. You will be able to see the effect of these abilities if you try to play Human Torch.

Smoulder and Temperature are two passive effects that Human Torch is able to apply on himself during the fight. There are lots of different ways to get stacks of these effects. You can use your energy attacks or receive an energy attack from your opponent. All of these actions will provide Human Torch with stacks of Smoulder and Temperature.

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Incinerate is the main way to deal damage. This effect is able to stack on your opponent and it makes your enemy burn. You will put the Incinerate stacks on your opponents with your attacks. Also, your enemy has a chance to receive these stacks when it tries to attack Human Torch.

Human Torch is a powerful character against mystic champions, energy attack spammers, and those who are able to regenerate. This hero receives lots of stacks of Temperature and Smoulder against energy attack spammers and mystic champions. Also, his Incinerate decreases the opponent’s healing, and this fact makes Human Torch really powerful against champions with regeneration.

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How to Use Human Torch in Marvel Contest of Champions


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