How to Use Hex in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips

How to Use Hex in Rush Royale - Guide and Tips

Hex is one of the most commonly used legendary cards in the game. It functions as a Reaper and gives a chance of instant kill to the unit beside it, but has more potential than a Reaper. This minion can even destroy a group of monsters, but only if you learn how to use it and practice a lot. Positioning this minion is key to the highest efficiency, so, look how it should be done.

Best Ways to Use Hex in Rush Royale

  1. Diamond Shape. It allows you to boost all your minions and gain one of the best efficiency while using a Hex. However, it can be hard to do in a PvP battle.
  2. Diagonal Line Setup. In this strategy, you will have some unboosted areas, but it could be easier to do in a PvP battle. 

Generally, you need to understand that the farther your Hex is from each other, the better they work.

Decks to Use Hex in Rush Royale

You need to use fast-shooting units to realize the chance of an instant kill. Hex has 1% of this chance, and it increases by 0.5% each time your mana levels up. While Hex shares, it increases the chances in proportion, so that two Hex double the chance and three Hex triple it. So, here is the deck to use this card.

Demonologist, Dryad, Harlequin, Inquisitor, Hex

To play this deck, use Hex in previously described ways and boost it as much as it is possible for you. Use Demonologist to earn your mana and other minions to kill monsters.

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How to Use Hex in Rush Royale – Guide and Tips


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