How to Use Frederica in Triangle Strategy


Triangle Strategy features a big character roster that sports all sorts of unique units that come with specific abilities that determine how they fight and what they are good at doing. While this may feel a little limiting, compared to other similar games, this system makes it so that every unit is more than viable, giving players plenty of options to make the game continue to feel fresh and exciting even after tens of hours.

Among the characters that will join Serenoa right from the start is Frederica. Here’s everything you need to know to use her properly.


Frederica Aesfrost joins Serenoa’s army in Chapter 1, so she is available for pretty much the entirety of the game alongside a few other central characters. While she is generally a very frail fighter that goes down in a few hits, she can decimate the enemy using her long-range fire spells, which also allow her to control the battlefield somewhat, and potentially limit how enemy units can move.

Frederica’s Abilities

Frederica learns a total of seven abilities by leveling up and promoting to her Veteran Class, Fire Caster, and her Elite Class, Fire Master. By enhancing her Tome of Fire weapon and unlocking the Tome of Inferno, it is also possible to unlock an additional and extremely powerful ability.

AbilitiesDescriptionHow to Learn
Blessing of FireIncreases your fire resistance while decreasing your ice resistanceRecruit class
ScorchDeal fire-type magic damage to all enemies within range and set the ground ablazeRecruit class
Flame ShieldRaise an ally’s fire resistance for 2 turns, and grant them the ability to counter fire attacksRecruit class
Blazing ChainsDeal fire-type magic damage to an enemy, slow their movement by 1 for 3 turn(s), and set the ground ablazeRecruit class
Fire EaterGrant an ally the ability to absorb fire for 3 turnsVeteran class
Pillars of FireDeal fire-type magic damage to enemies across 5 horizontal squares, and set the ground ablazeVeteran class
Magic AblazeIncreases your magic attack when on a square that is set ablazeElite class
SunfallCast for 1 turn. Use all TP to deal fire-type magic damage, setting the ground ablaze. The more TP consumed, the stronger the attackTome of Inferno

How to Use Frederica

As already mentioned, Frederica is quite frail, but this doesn’t mean that she cannot be a powerful unit in her own right, as she makes up for her low defense and HP with her damage output. Being a Pyromancer, Frederica wields powerful Fire elemental magic that can not only hit multiple enemies and set specific tiles on fire (Scorch and Pillars of Fire) but that can also make units absorb Fire attacks (Fire Eater).

Her final class ability, Magic Ablaze, also allows her to take advantage of burning tiles by increasing her magic attack whenever she is standing on one. If you do this, however, make sure she is always at full health, as any unit receives damage from burning tiles, and Frederica is no exception, even though Blessing of Fire grants her increased Fire resistance. Her unique Weapon Skill, Sunfall, is also extremely powerful, and it can be made to go off instantly without charging by using Benedict’s Now…! skill or the In Tandem Quietus.

With all these peculiarities, Frederica is a unit you will never want on the frontlines by herself, but with the proper support, she can weaken multiple enemies enough so as to let other sturdier units move in for the finish without having to risk too much.

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How to Use Frederica in Triangle Strategy


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