An emote in Roblox is an action or movement that gamers can demonstrate during gameplay.

There are currently 7 default emotes and 42 purchasable animations available to users. Emotes were first introduced to Roblox in the fall of 2013. Then, the user had to specify the / e command in the chat for their avatar to show a universal animation.

Purchased animation is available to players in the emote menu or using the same /e command. All the emotions of the characters are silent and please users only with their movements.

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All Emotes Commands List in Roblox

As mentioned above, Roblox currently has 7 emotes available by default:

  • /e dance – animation that does a random dance when using R6 or a rave dance with R15
  • /e dance 1 – moves reminiscent of Gangnam Style (works exclusively for R6)
  •  /e dance 2 – the character makes a wave with their hands from side to side with R6, and when using R15, the player turns their arms, looking from side to side
  • /e dance 3 – the hero jumps, changing legs and raising their arms with R6, or swinging from side to side, while moving their arms (R15)
  • /e cheer for R6, the hero jumps, spreading their arms and legs to the sides, and with R15, they jump on one leg and then swing their arms
  • / e point – the player raises their hand forward
  • / e wave – the character waves their hand
  • /e laugh – the character laughs

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How to Use Emotes in Roblox – All Commands List


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