How to Use Copper Scrap in Valheim – Guide


Valheim is an action-packed survival game set in the dangerous world of vikings. Released in 2021, it seamlessly combines Minecraft‘s building and survival elements with the epic boss battles of Souls-like games.

The world of Valheim is split into various biomes, like Meadows, Black Forests, Mountain, and more. Certain resources are found only in specific biomes, like the copper scrap in the newly-released Mistlands. Wondering how to use copper scraps in Valheim? Continue reading this guide to learn all about them.

Valheim Copper Scrap Guide

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The Mistlands are one of the recently added biomes in Valheim, and among the many valuable resources that players can find in this biome, there are copper scraps. If you have ventured into the Mistlands, you might have come across various Dvergr buildings found exclusively there. To obtain copper scraps, you must destroy Dvergr buildings in the Mistlands.

Copper scraps are a new alternate source to copper in Valheim. Before the addition of the Mistlands, copper ores, gathered through mining deposits, were the only source of copper. Now, players can also gather copper scraps as an alternate source to refine into copper bars—like copper ore, they should be placed into a smelter to make the bars.

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Uses of Copper in Valheim

After refining copper scraps, you will get copper bars. Like other metals in Valheim, copper can be used to craft a variety of items, such as the Copper Knife, made with 8 copper bars and 2 wood. Copper can also be combined with tin and refined into bronze bars.

Other than crafting, copper is used to make the following buildings in Valheim:

  • Forge: 4 stone, 4 coal, 10 wood, and 6 copper
  • Forge cooler: 25 fine wood and 10 copper
  • Sconce: 2 wood, 2 resin, and 2 copper
  • Obliterator: 8 iron, 4 copper, and 1 thunderstone
  • Pots and pans: 5 iron, 5 copper, 5 black metal, and 10 fine wood
  • Black forge cooler: 5 iron, 5 copper, and 4 black marble
  • Black marble bench: 6 black marble and 3 copper
  • Black marble table: 6 black marble and 3 copper
  • Black marble throne: 20 black marble, 4 scale hide, 2 deer hide, and 5 copper
  • Dvergr lantern pole: 3 copper, 1 Dvergr lantern, and 1 chain
  • Dvergr metal wall: 2 copper
  • Dvergr spiral left stair: 5 Yggdrasil wood and 2 copper
  • Dvergr spiral right stair: 5 Yggdrasil wood and 2 copper
  • Dvergr wall lantern: 2 copper, 1 Dvergr lantern, and 1 chain

If you are in the Mistlands, you can take the opportunity to get tons of copper scraps from the Dvergr buildings. Copper is pretty useful in Valheim. If you have any questions about this metal, feel free to ask in the comments!

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How to Use Copper Scrap in Valheim – Guide


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