How to Use Copper in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19

Minecraft copper uses

Copper is one of the recently added resources in Minecraft. It is a new mineral found exclusively in the Overworld. You can get copper ingots from smelting raw copper obtained via mining copper ores. If you have found some copper ores for the first time, you might wonder what the use of copper in Minecraft is. This guide talks about copper and its various uses in Minecraft.

Uses of Copper in Minecraft

1. Craft lightning rods

What Does a Lightning Rod Do in Minecraft?

Using copper, you can make lightning rods in Minecraft. A lightning rod is crafted by placing three copper ingots vertically on a crafting table. Just like its name sounds, lightning rods attract naturally occurring lightning strikes.

For a long time, Minecraft players have complained about random lightning strikes damaging their builds and mobs. With lightning rods, players finally have a way to avoid lightning strikes. A lightning rod diverts any natural lightning bolt in a 64-block radius to itself. This feature can also be used to create charged creepers.

2. Spyglass

Minecraft Java players always had the option to use mods to get the zoom feature. However, Bedrock players lacked this feature. Luckily, Mojang added spyglasses in the Caves & Cliffs update. You can craft a spyglass using an amethyst shard and two copper ingots. Spyglass shows a magnified view of the rendered area.

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3. Block of Copper

Like other minerals, you can also turn copper ingots into blocks of copper in Minecraft. A block of copper is crafted using nine iron ingots. You can get many unique types of blocks from a block of copper.

Like real-life copper, Minecraft copper also oxidizes over time and changes its color. A copper block can exist in four forms: normal, exposed, weathered, and oxidized. You can also place four blocks of copper in a 2×2 crafting grid to craft cut copper blocks.

These are all the uses of copper in Minecraft. You can use copper to make helpful tools like lightning rods and spyglasses or create beautiful copper blocks for your builds.

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How to Use Copper in Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.19


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