How to use Clash of Clans siege machines

Clash of Clans using siege machines
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The Siege Machines in Clash of Clans are special weapons that are created in a workshop to deliver clan castle troops at good strategic positions during a battle. Just like other troops, the siege machines are a target by enemy defenses and it is prone to be destroyed.

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Clash of Clans offers a wide use for the siege machines. They are used as offensive weapons, to deliver troops, to get a few extra troops like Wizards and Pekka in your army, etc. There is much more to the siege machines than it looks. So, today we have prepared a handy guide on how you can use siege machines in Clash of Clans.

How to use Siege Machines in Clash of Clans

Image Credit: Supercell Forums

The Siege Machines in Clash of Clans is unlocked once a player town hall reaches level 12. To be precise, at the town hall level 12 players unlock a new building called the Workshop, which enables players to create siege machines. Furthermore, which are used in battle as per requirement and strategy.

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Players can also get the siege machines from Clan Donations if they have a level 10 townhall and a level 6 clan castle. Also, a siege machine is created in the workshop using elixir. It can also be boosted by using 30 Gems.

There are a total of four siege machines that players can train/create inside the workshop.

  • Wall Wrecker: It is used to deliver clan troops to the heart of an enemy village. The Wall Wrecker is a tanky siege machine with around 5,300 hit points. It does splash damage and is best when used to deliver high-level troops to the center of a village. Also, the wall wrecker is immune to spell damage.
  • Battle Blimp: The battle blimp deploys your clan troop to the center of the enemy village, while, bombing the path it takes. It offers around 3000 hit points and is easy to destroy. Though, upon being destroyed. It does whooping damage of 1000.
  • Stone Slammer: The Stone Slammer is an offensive blimp that focuses on defensive buildings. It is a 400 DPS machine with 5,600 hitpoints.
  • Siege Barracks: The Siege Barracks deploys extra troops, a Pekka, and wizards.

As of now the siege machine in Clash of Clans has four levels and a maximum capacity of three.

LevelSiege MachineSiege Machine Capacity
1Wall Wrecker 1
2Battle Blimp 2
3Stone Slammer3
4Siege Barracks 3

Players can choose to deploy the siege machines they receive as donations or their self-created siege machines. Moreover, deployment is very easy. Just click on the siege machine icon and choose which of the four troops you want to deploy.

Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile strategy game currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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How to use Clash of Clans siege machines



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