How to Use a Biome Finder in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


The almost endless worlds of Minecraft are divided into varieties of biomes. Each biome has sets of unique features ranging from temperature, flora, fauna, and many more. Some biomes are better suitable for survival, while others have challenging terrain generation.

Minecraft Java Edition players have access to /locatebiome command to locate any biome. Sadly, this command does not work in Bedrock Edition. Due to this, Bedrock players have to rely on biome finders to discover biomes.

This article will help you use a Biome Finder to locate biomes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

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How to Use Biome Finder in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

You can find many biome finders online that can help you locate biomes. For this guide, we are going to use Chunk Base, one of the most popular seed map tools available. To use biome finder, you will first need world seed.

To find the world seed, open the world and then go to Settings. You can find the world seed under World Type Settings. Once you know the world seed, follow these steps to locate biomes:

  1. Go to Chunk Base’s Biome Finder app. Click here to get redirected.
  2. Enter your world seed in the seed box.
  3. Select the version of your world. Make sure it is Bedrock Edition.
  4. That’s it. The tool will now generate a world map of the entered seed and will show all biomes.

You can identify biomes by looking at their color on the seed map. Warm biomes like deserts and badlands have orange colors, while lush biomes like forests, swamps, jungles have green shades. Similarly, other biomes also have different colors. You can hover over the area to see which biome it is and its coordinates.

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How to Use a Biome Finder in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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