Top 5 Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.1

Lush cave

The most anticipated update in Minecraft’s history has been out for over a month now. Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II update has brought the much-awaited cave revamp. The 1.18 update also changed the entire mountain generation in the Overworld.

With the massive terrain generation changes, it was obvious that old seeds wouldn’t generate the same Overworld. Due to this, players have trouble finding unique seeds as all old seeds do not work in the latest version.

This article share five fantastic seeds for the latest Minecraft Bedrock version. Thanks to seed parity in Caves & Cliffs Part II, these seeds may also work in Java Edition.

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Minecraft Bedrock seeds

By default, Minecraft uses a random seed to generate worlds. Players also have the option to create worlds using specific seeds. The following seeds are an excellent fit for starting a new world:

5) Massive desert filled with villagers and temples

Desert village seed
Desert village seed (Image credit: u/Baseball3Weston12 on Reddit)

Seed: -1995173861

In this seed, players will spawn on a large desert biome expanding up to 1000 blocks from the spawn point. The entire desert is filled with many deserts and villagers. Players can find a village and a desert around 100 blocks east of the spawn area. These structures are a good head start for survival in a new world.

4) Mineshaft passing through lush cave

Beautiful lush cave
Beautiful lush cave (Image via RoddTheKing on Reddit)

Seed: -395162362

Lush caves are easily one of the prettiest biomes in Minecraft. This seed seems pretty dull and nothing special on the surface. But underground, players will find a beautiful mineshaft passing through lush caves. Sadly, there’s not much to see on the surface level.

3) Mansion and village divided by river

Seed map

Seed: 1989506107, coordinates: X 184 Z -856

The spawn location isn’t too attractive in this seed like other seeds on the list, but by traveling 1000 blocks away from spawn, players can find a beautiful canyon separating a mansion and a village. Players who prefer to have some sort of storytelling in their worlds would love this seed.

2) Tall stony peaks

Stony peaks
Stony peaks (Image credit: Hacker1MC on Reddit)

Seed: 1759029102

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II added mountain peaks, a variety of mountain biomes that can reach height level 256. In this seed, players spawn near a stony peak biome generated up to Y 252. At the foot of these mountains, players can find beautiful jungles and forests.

1) Exposed lush cave with hanging mineshafts

Lush cave
Beautiful lush cave (Image credit: AshamedRutabaga9712 on Reddit)

Seed: 355868655

In this seed, players can find a beautiful lush cave visible from the surface at X: -900 and Z: 220. Moreover, the lush cave has a massive mineshaft hanging in the air. This location is an extraordinary place for building a new home in Minecraft.

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Top 5 Seeds for Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.1


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