How to Upgrade to Level 30 in Battle Cats


In Battle Cats, you have to create your cat team to fight enemies. When you make your team, you can play on a 2-D battlefield, and your cats kill enemies from the cat base.

As you know, cats are the main characters in the game. All cats are special, they have their own design and unique abilities. Also, most cats in the games look strange because of collaboration with other games.

Generally, the game provides six groups of cats: Common, Special, Rare, Super Rare, Uber Super Rare, and Legendary Rare. The higher the cat’s quality, the better cat is.

How Works Level System in Batlle Cats

Updating your cat is a necessary part of the game, you make it stronger, and increase its power and health. At the same moment, every rank-up increase your User Level by 1. Also, there is a system of +level in the game. It is like a standard level but counts separately. You can earn such +levels by duplicating Cat Units or Ability Capsules in Cat Storage.

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How to Level up Your Cat to Level 30

The point is that updating your cats depends on your User Rank. User Rank unlocks for you after completing Korea in Empire of Cars Chapter 1. To increase the rank you should unlock new cats, up the level of cats and their +level. And each time it increases, it gives bonuses to the players. So, just playing more is the best way to increase your level. At the 1600 point, you will be able to up your special cats at level 30 if you have enough resources for it. That’s how it works.

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How to Upgrade to Level 30 in Battle Cats


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