Tips and Tricks for Battle Cats Explosions in the Sky


Battle Cats is an exciting tower defense game. Players unlock and upgrade different cat units to fight against enemy units. The game has a lot of different stages, each of which will have different enemies. Therefore, sometimes players have problems choosing the right units. And in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Battle Cats Explosions.

Tips and Tricks for Explosions in the Sky

Several times a month, Advanced Cyclone Stages appear on the map. These are special maps with two stages, and Explosions in the Sky is the first stage of a map of this type called Day of Judgment. In this stage, you will need to fight against such enemies:

  • Owlbrow
  • Mooth
  • White Cyclone

If you choose the right units for this battle, you can easily win. We offer you the following lineup:

  • Crazed Tank Cat
  • Eraser Cat
  • Mohawk Cat
  • Cameraman Cat
  • Sanzo Cat
  • Butterfly Cat
  • Paris Cat
  • Awakened Bahamut

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The tactics for this battle are quite simple. When the Owlbrows start approaching you, you should use the Crazed Tank Cat, Eraser Cat, Mohawk Cat, and Paris Cat. After you defeat the first Owlbrows, spam the Paris Cat. And then when Mooth starts to spawn, you have to use Cameraman Cat and Sanzo Cat.

Next, use Butterfly Cat, as this unit stacks well with the previous ones and deals a lot of damage to White Cyclone. Lastly, when your units are holding back the enemies, you should use the Awakened Bahamut to finish off the enemies and destroy their base.

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Tips and Tricks for Battle Cats Explosions in the Sky


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