How to Upgrade the Toolbox in Merge Mansion

merge mansion toolbox feature

Merge Mansion Toolboxes are where players can get Wrenches, Screws, and Paint Cans. When the game starts, players have parts of a Toolbox to put together in the Garage, but later on Toolboxes can be obtained in the Shop, or from a Blue Chest. Upgrading a Toolbox means players can get a better drop rate for items, and Toolboxes can be upgraded up to level 9. Find out more below!

Upgrading Toolboxes in Merge Mansion

Merging Toolboxes of the same level will upgrade it to the next level, and this can be done all the way up to level IX (9). The Toolbox drops Tools from level IV (4) onwards. As the Toolbox is upgraded it can offer better drop rates, and a higher sell price.

Toolbox Level 1 merge mansion
Level 1 Toolbox in Merge Mansion (via Metacore Games)
Toolbox LevelDropsDrops Per RechargeRecharge TimeSelling Cost
IN/AN/AN/A1 Coin
IIN/AN/AN/A2 Coins
IVWrench, Screw, Paint Can (L1)81 Hour 48 Minutes6 Coins
VXP Star, Wrench, Screw, Paint Can (L1)121 Hour 21 Minutes 40 Seconds12 Coins
VIXP Star, Wrench, Screw, Paint Can (L1)161 Hour25 Coins
VIIXP Star, Wrench, Screw, Paint Can (L1)2032 Minutes51 Coins
VIIIXP Star, Wrench, Screw, Paint Can (L1)2420 Minutes102 Coins
IXXP Star, Wrench, Screw, Paint Can (L1)2812 Minutes205 Coins

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A level IV Toolbox can have 2.5 Recharges, while levels V, VI, and VII have 2. High Level Toolboxes only have 1 Recharge. It is entirely up to the player whether they want to upgrade their Toolboxes for a higher drop rate. If Paint Cans are the item in demand, players are advised to perhaps look at Paint Supply Boxes in Daily Tasks.

Toolbox level 9 merge mansion
Level 9 Toolbox in Merge Mansion (via Metacore Games)

That is everything you need to know about Toolboxes in Merge Mansion! Good luck and happy merging.

Merge Mansion is available to play on Apple App Store and Google Play. Download it now for free.

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How to Upgrade the Toolbox in Merge Mansion


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