How to Upgrade the Elixir Golem in Clash Royale


There are lots of different collectible card games that you can play on mobile devices. One of the best games in this genre is called Clash Royale. There you will have to create a deck that consists of different cards which are able to summon units, cast magic spells, and build defense structures. It seems that Elixir Golem became quite popular in the latest updates and there are lots of players who want to use this card. In order to make it stronger, you will have to upgrade it. This guide will tell you how to upgrade Elixir Golem in Clash Royale.

Elixir Golem in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a popular multiplayer game where you need to use different cards to protect your towers and defeat your opponent. The game has a huge roster of units that you can summon and some of them have interesting abilities. One of the most unusual tanks in this game is called Elixir Golem. This unit has a powerful ability that allows it to take a huge amount of damage.

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Elixir Golem is able to split into two units that are called Elixir Golimites. This ability will activate if the big golem dies. The two smaller golems have the ability that allows them to split into two Elixir Blobs. If these units die they will provide your opponent with bonus Elixir points.

How to Upgrade Elixir Golem in Clash Royale

Elixir Golem is a powerful tank that you can use in Clash Royale. It is able to split into weaker units that will continue to attack your opponent’s structures. So, you may want to upgrade this unit as fast as possible.

In order to upgrade Elixir Golem in Clash Royale, you will need to get duplicates of this card. If you receive the required amount of duplicates you will be able to use your coins to upgrade Elixir Golem.

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How to Upgrade the Elixir Golem in Clash Royale


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