Cookie Run: Kingdom lets you build your own little kingdom and fill it with cookies and candies. It has decorative staple buildings like the Fountain of Abundance, Tree of Wishes, Angel Fountain, and more that are essential to gameplay.

The Tree of Wishes is exactly what it sounds like: a tree where you fulfill your cookies’ wishes and get some rare items as a return gift. This tree is important as it gives you Aurora Pillars, Aurora Bricks, and Aurora Compasses.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Get Tree of Wishes

Tree of wishes from cookie run kingdom
Tree of Wishes (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

The Tree of Wishes unlocks right after the Cookie Castle is unlocked. In fact, the Tree of Wishes, Fountain of Abundance, Sugar Quarry, Jammery, and Jellybean Farm are all unlocked with Cookie Castle after 1-13.

tree of wishes in cookie run kingdom
Tree of Wishes unlocked (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

This Tree doesn’t have to be installed, as it just makes itself comfortable beside the Cookie Castle.

Using the Tree of Wishes is quite straightforward. All you have to do is tap on the Tree, unroll one of the wishes, and fulfill those wishes.

Tree of wishes in cookie run kingdom
Fulfilling Cookie Wishes (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

Usually, the wishes are made for the production units that you have unlocked. In the beginning, the Cookies wish for Sugar Cubes, Roll Cake Wood, Robust Axe, Jellybeans, Jams, and the like.

Fulfilling 10 wishes will unlock the first treasure chest, and fulfilling another 15 will unlock the second chest. You can claim three chests every day.

You get items like Star Jellies, Aurora Pillars, or other construction items. Filling wishes that are more demanding will increase your chances of getting better items.

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How to Unlock Tree of Wishes in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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