Best DPS Cookies List in Cookie Run: Kingdom (October 2021)

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Cookie Run: Kingdom has so many amazing Cookies to choose from that it may be confusing to know which are the best to use to deal the most damage. Each Cookie has its own aesthetic, personality, and stats, and there are many damage dealing Cookies, but our list will include the ones we believe are the best of the best. DPS Cookies are usually Bomber, Ranged, Ambush, and Magic class so we will be picking our favourites from those groups. If you disagree with our choices, or would add some of your own, just comment below! Now, let’s check out the brave Cookies who deal the most damage in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Best DPS Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In the tables below we will show you the rarity and class of the Cookie, where they fit best in the lineup (Front, Middle, Back), any recommended toppings, as well as their maximum level ATK stats. You may notice that many of the recommended toppings are Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate. This is because they give attack bonus (Raspberry) and cooldown benefits (Chocolate), making a high DPS Cookie even greater!

Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie

LegendaryMiddleBomberSearing Raspberry/Swift ChocolateATK: Over 55,000
Max Skill DMG
Water Stream: 150%
Water Pillar: 415.1%
+3s Stun

Dark Raisin Cookie

Dark Raisin Cookie

EpicMiddleAmbushSearing RaspberryATK: Over 54,000
Max Skill DMG: 137.4%

Latte Cookie

EpicMiddleMagicSearing Raspberry/Swift ChocolateATK: Over 26,000
Max Skill DMG: 107.6%
Inner Latter Glyph DMG: 227.7%
Outer Latte Glyph DMG: 170.7%
+5s Immobilization

Pastry cookie

Pastry Cookie

EpicRearRangedSearing RaspberryATK: Over 50,000
Max Skill DMG: 120%
Lightbringer Ricochet DMG: 75%
Battle Prayer ATK SPD: +50% for 10s

espresso cookie

Espresso Cookie

EpicMiddleMagicSearing RaspberryATK: Over 11,000
Max Skill DMG: 80% over 7 Hits and 100% on final hit

That is our top 5 best DPS Cookies for Cookie Run: Kingdom. We will keep you updated if and when the game adds any more strong ATK stat Cookies. Until then, don’t forget to add your own favourite Cookies and Toppings combos in the comments below!

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Best DPS Cookies List in Cookie Run: Kingdom (October 2021)


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