How to Unlock Titles in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports offers players plenty of ways to customize their characters and their online profile, but not every customization option will be available from the start of the game.

Among the customization options that must be unlocked before they can be used are Titles. While a few of them are available from the start, you will have to accomplish certain feats in order to unlock a few of them.

Here’s how to unlock titles in Nintendo Switch Sports.

How to Unlock Titles in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports features a lot of Titles, and many of them are unlocked from the start. Some of these, however, cannot be used by human players as they are only available for CPU opponents.

To unlock Titles in Nintendo Switch Sports, you will either have to accomplish certain feats in certain sports, or you will have to unlock Collections by earning enough points. Do note that more Collections will be added to the game in the future, so the total number of available Titles is set to increase quite a bit in the coming months.

Here’s how to unlock all the titles currently available in Nintendo Switch Sports. Titles that are unlocked by default at the start of the game will not be listed.

TitlesHow to Unlock
1-UpSimple Collection
100 BitsCute Collection
100%Cute Collection
AppearSimple Collection
AwayCute Collection
BirthdaySoccer Collection
BreakfastCute Collection
CrowdSimple Collection
DailyCute Collection
DashSimple Collection
DiamondSimple Collection
DinnerCute Collection
ExcitedSimple Collection
ExecutiveSoccer Collection
FamilyCute Collection
FinalCute Collection
FlashySimple Collection
FreshSimple Collection
GatheringCute Collection
GloriousSimple Collection
Goal Soccer Collection
HappySoccer Collection
HardySimple Collection
HeroCute Collection
HideSimple Collection
HolidayCute Collection
HomeCute Collection
InfiniteSimple Collection
JudgmentCute Collection
JumpSimple Collection
LegendReach A Rank in Pro League in any sport
MysteriousCute Collection
NiceCute Collection
NimbleSimple Collection
OKSimple Collection
OriginalCute Collection
PassSoccer Collection
Positive Cute Collection
PowerSimple Collection
ProduceSimple Collection
RamenCute Collection
RareCute Collection
RiceCute Collection
SauceSimple Collection
ShareCute Collection
ShockingCute Collection
ShotSoccer Collection
SoccerSoccer Collection
StafferScore 50 points in the tennis mini-game available in Staff Credits
StaminaSimple Collection
StealthySimple Collection
StoneSimple Collection
SuddenSimple Collection
TeammateSimple Collection
ThinkingCute Collection
TrivialSimple Collection
WhateverSimple Collection
WorkSoccer Collection

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How to Unlock Titles in Nintendo Switch Sports


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