How to Farm Points in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports

Despite featuring a very arcade-oriented feel, Nintendo Switch Sports features a progression system that wasn’t available in the original Wii Sports which rewards players for doing well in matches, awarding them points that can be used to unlock all sorts of gear.

Earning points by playing each sport normally, however, may be too slow for the completionists that want to unlock every Nintendo Switch Sports has to offer as quickly as possible. Thankfully, there are some quick ways to farm points.

Here’s how to farm points in Nintendo Switch Sports.

How to Farm Points in Nintendo Switch Sports

As already mentioned, you can earn points in Nintendo Switch Sports by playing any of the six sports currently available in the game, but playing two of them over and over is the best way to farm points.

The first sport you should be playing over and over to get a decent amount of points is chambara, thanks to its extremely quick pace. Each round lasts only a few minutes, so you can play rounds pretty quickly one after the other to gain small amounts of points in rapid succession.

The second sport you should be playing in Nintendo Switch Sports to farm points is bowling. While games require longer to complete, the average amount of points you can get per game is far higher than those obtained by playing chambara, and even if you do not make it past the first round, you still get a decent amount of points. And if you managed to get to the last round, or even win, you can get well over 100 points, which is a very good amount, considering it doesn’t take all that long to finish a game of bowling (around 10 minutes).

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How to Farm Points in Nintendo Switch Sports


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