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How to Unlock Titan in Final Fantasy 16

This guide details how you can unlock the Titan's ability in Final Fantasy 16.

The Titan is one of the eight Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 whose abilities Clive can unlock and use to power up. Getting access to the Titan’s feats and abilities increases Clive’s defensive and offensive capabilities, increasing his overall battle performance. Seeing that, we are here with a handy guide on how to unlock Titan in Final Fantasy 16.

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How to Unlock Titan in Final Fantasy 16

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In Final Fantasy 16, you can unlock the Titan ability by completing the main mission, Capital Punishment. Once that is done, you will get access to the Eikon of Earth, Titan’s abilities. 

Capital Punishment is the twenty-eighth main story quest in Final Fantasy 16 that you unlock right after completing the main mission, After the Storm. It is a very long mission where Clive and his companions travel to Rosalith, where in the end, he battles Hugo Kupka, the Dominant of Titan.

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At the end of the battle, Clive absorbs the Titan’s abilities from Hugo, giving him access to Titan’s feats and abilities. 

All Titan Feats and Abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Here are all Titan’s feats and abilities in Final Fantasy 16 that you can unlock and use:

  • Feat
    • Titanic Block
      • Block enemy attack. When a guard is timed perfectly, ‘square’ can be used to launch up to three counterattacks.
  • Ability 
    • Raging Fists
      • Step forward and deliver a blinding flurry of high-speed punches. Blocking an enemy attack with the step forward increases the potency of the following punches.
    • Windup
      • Punch forward. Hold the button to wind up the attack, further increasing potency.
    • Upheaval
      • Slam a fist to the ground, dealing damage to all enemies within range. Hold the button to increase the range. It can be used in midair.
    • Earthen Fury
      • Drive both hands into the ground, causing the land to surge upwards, sending nearby enemies flying.

That concludes our guide on how to unlock Titan’s ability in Final Fantasy 16. For more on Final Fantasy 16, check out our dedicated guides section

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How to Unlock Titan in Final Fantasy 16