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Can You Change Outfits in Final Fantasy 16?

Can You Change Outfits in Final Fantasy 16?
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A lot of games give players the chance to switch up pieces of an outfit, add or remove cosmetics, and generally express themselves through the character’s clothing. It would not be out of the ordinary to assume a fantasy game such as Final Fantasy XVI would give players the same options. If you are thinking about buying the game, or have just started playing, and are wondering if you will get the chance to change Clive’s outfits, then read on! Let’s explore if you can change outfits in Final Fantasy 16.

Can you alter outfit cosmetics in Final Fantasy 16?

Much to the dismay of many of us who love changing up outfits and adding cool new cosmetics to our characters, there is no way to change outfits in Final Fantasy 16. There are also no extra cosmetics or additions to the clothing available to purchase or discover while adventuring through Valisthea.

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Clive does actually change his own outfit throughout the game but this is part of the story so I guess if you are desperate for him to change his pants you will have to wait until you get to that part of the game!

Clive in Final Fantasy 16
Image by Square Enix

There are other pieces you can alter such as weaponry and other gear, as well as accessories. These don’t do anything cosmetically of course but they do alter Clive’s stats. Find these by tapping Options to get to the pause menu, and then finding the Gear & Eikons tab. This gear includes the Mythril Belt and Demontamer’s Sash armor, two great bits of kit!

So, even though you cannot change Clive’s outfits, there is still plenty you can equip Clive with to help him become stronger and faster in Final Fantasy 16.

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Can You Change Outfits in Final Fantasy 16?