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Among the long list of NPCs in Terraria, there are quite a few that stand out from the rest. The Tax Collector is one of them. He has not only a unique way of appearing in the game world but also unusual functionality. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about a Tax Collector in Terraria

Why Is a Tax Collector Needed?

As the name suggests, he collects taxes! Every gaming hour, 50 copper drips to the collector’s account for each NPC who lives in a house. In total, there can be no more than 10 gold in stock, so it is recommended to periodically take the money from him.

It is worth noting that these numbers are default metrics. Everything also depends on whether the Tax Collector lives in happy conditions. As a result, the amount of money collected from each resident will range from 33 copper to 66, and the maximum reserve of the bank from 6.66.66 to 13.33.33.

To achieve the best possible living conditions for the Tax Collector, settle him in the snow biome and put the Trader and the Party Girl as neighbors. 

How to Unlock the Tax Collector in Terraria

First, you need to get into the hard mode by killing the Wall of Flesh. By the way, if you built a bridge for a more convenient battle with this boss, it will be very useful.

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Then you need to go into the lower world and walk along this very bridge back and forth. If possible, turn on the detector of living creatures so as not to miss the moment when the enemy Tortured Soul appears nearby. Don’t kill it! Instead, grab the Purification Powder and throw it at the enemy. The curse will be broken and you will get a new NPC in your settlement!

In order to save the Tax Collector, it is recommended not to summon pets, as they will try to kill Tortured Soul as soon as possible. Also if in the future the character dies, there will be no need to rescue him from the underworld again. He will respawn according to the normal game rules.

This is how you can unlock a tax collector in Terraria. While you are here, read our guide on how to get the Pygmy Necklace in this game.

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